If anyone wants to experience a happening city, London is the place to go. Perhaps it is more alive since the Olympics, or maybe it has always been like that, but my recent visit was a delight. So much to see and do, but I honed in on looking at jewellery trends, architecture and retail.

One lazy Saturday afternoon I spent wandering the Portobello Road market. What a treat! This historic market runs a good two miles through Notting Hill and is jam packed with vendors and visitors alike. For years this market has been world renowned for ‘its antiques, bric-a-brac, fashion and pre loved clothes. It is a forager’s delight, and my mission was jewellery inspiration.

Portobello Markets


Portobello Markets


So with my friend Narena, also a total jewellery aficionado, I went scouring the market for jewellery ideas, samples and new trends. We found an abundance and bought samples from antiques to plastic trinkets. All those influences will be trickling through into the next Najo collection that will be released at the end of February.

My friend Narena helping me source


Portobello Markets




To shop in the department stores in London is a totally different experience. The Brits really know how to do it well! The fine jewellery department of Harrods, Liberty’s and Harvey Nichols is mind blowing and I couldn’t tear myself away. I must say that Liberty’s is probably the loveliest and most tasteful retail environment that I have ever been in.

St. Paul's


London Graffiti


The Shard


Trellick Tower


Oh, to live in London, I think I would love it! To look at the cityscape over the Thames, to see the old and new together, like the classically beautiful St Pauls to the splintering elegance of Renzo Piano’s new building ‘The Shard’, or the iconic brutalist Trellick tower, to the gorgeous graffiti of Shoreditch, this would be a dream. Just to live in one of those simple little Georgian houses would do me!

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