As if we needed a reason! Of course we all know why we love our mums, it’s just that every so often it’s important to take the time to properly express our love, gratitude and appreciation.

It’s not just important for Mum, either. Research has shown that feeling and expressing gratitude can have positive benefits for all of us, including reducing stress, improving relationships and boosting happiness.

We went around the NAJO headquarters to share what our mums mean to us and why we’re so thankful. We hope it inspires you to be mindful of everything that your mother has brought to your life, and celebrate and reward her accordingly this weekend.

“Being a mum now myself has given me an even greater appreciation for my own mother. Her unconditional love and support has always given me the confidence to believe I could achieve anything I set out to, and now I strive to instil that same belief into my own daughter.” - Susan

“Mum’s ability to come out on top of a bad situation has always left me in awe and taught me to never take life too seriously, it’s all about living in the moment.” - Kelly

“Mum is the person who inspires me the most, she has an abundance of positive energy, warmth and strength” - Danielle

“Mum supports and encourages me to believe in myself even when things seem impossible. Her kind words inspire me to stay strong and to keep following my dreams.” - Nina

“My mum is a strong, motivated woman who supports me through all my creative madness. She has inspired me to pursue my love for sewing and has helped me create some beautiful pieces that I can be forever proud of.” - Chrissy

From all of us at NAJO, happy Mother’s Day to all the mums and special women who play a nurturing, caring role for others every day.

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