Nice or naughty, give everyone NAJO for Christmas!

Tick off your shopping list with NAJO this Christmas – we have jewellery gift ideas for just about everyone from your well-travelled aunt to your trend-seeking sister, your fashion-conscious nephew and your nature-loving Kris Kringle recipient. (Plus, don’t forget to treat yourself while you’re at it.)

For those who go for gold

If you’ve got a friend who tends to wear yellow or rose gold tones rather than silver, our stunning selection of gold-plated silver jewellery makes the ultimate gift.

NAJO’s top gifts of gold for Christmas:

Weeping Woman Earring Rose and the Verity Drop Necklace Yellow

For the nature lovers

Gleaming cabochons of colour set into highly polished sterling silver – our collection of semi-precious gemstone jewellery is a luxe celebration of nature’s wonders. From faceted black onyx to smooth beads of blue lace agate, there’s a colour and style to suit every taste. Can’t decide which stone? Personalise your gift by choosing the recipient’s birthstone, for example, turquoise for December and garnet for January.

NAJO’s top stone jewellery gifts: Shelby Hoop Earring in Amethyst and Promenade Turquoise Set

For the guys

When it comes to NAJO gifts for men, it’s just a matter of thinking outside the box – or inside it!

The roomy interior of our large Jewellery Chest in black is ideal for storing watches, cufflinks, rings and other masculine jewellery. Its minimalist lines and colour will easily work on your guy’s dresser or on a shelf in their robe.

Our White Ribbon Men’s Bracelet in Black or Brown is especially designed for men’s gifting at a great price point. The best bit? This is a gift with substance as well as style: proceeds from its sale go to White Ribbon Australia to help stop violence against women.

Men also love to wear our Maxi Tag Necklace and Ribbon Ring, both of which can be personalised with a significant date, phrase or initials for a poetic, imaginative gift he’ll treasure forever.

For the fashion-forward trend seekers

At the heart of the NAJO brand are its timeless sterling silver jewellery designs, yet we also stay aligned with runway trends through our ever-changing seasonal collections. This year’s most cutting-edge jewellery gifts are perfect for those favourite fashion junkies on your gift list.

NAJO’s top on-trend gift picks are: Chant Earring in Yellow and the Simple Hoop 45mm in Silver

For the artisanal-minded aesthetes

If you’re buying for the kind of person who carefully checks where their kids toys are manufactured, or shops at organic farmers markets instead of supermarkets, or cultivates an art collection, then this gift category is for them. Each piece is imbued with the NAJO DNA and reflects the unerring vision of founder Jo Tory.

Choose from among our highly polished and organically shaped designs, such as the classic Naj ‘O’ Bangle, each crafted in beautiful sterling silver by Mexican artisans.

Or evoke the spirit of Mexico with our hammered sterling silver pieces handcrafted using traditional techniques, such as the El Sol Choker.