In case you haven’t noticed, it’s already November, and while the official festival season might not be until next month, the unofficial party season has well and truly arrived.

Decorations in shop windows, gift-guide inspiration, and invitations to annual get-togethers have started popping up, and the good news is that NAJO has the perfect pieces to cover your party look this season.

Instead of spending a fortune on a dozen different dresses you might not wear more than a couple of times, why not accent one knock-out classic little black dress with a few key statement-making pieces you’ll love and treasure for years and years to come?

NAJO’s Top 3 Party Essentials

In the spirit of “buy less, buy better”, we’ve carefully selected our top three go-to pieces to complete your festive look this season. Along with killer heels and one great clutch, these are our ultimate party essentials and we have the best way to wear each one.

1. The Collar

Accentuating the neckline is a practice women have been employing for millennia. There’s nothing more feminine than adorning the collarbone with a precious metal – it lights up the face and flatters the décolletage.

What to wear with it

A statement collar or shorter necklace is more versatile than you might think. Worn with a strapless dress and short or upswept hair, it becomes the focal point of your outfit – even the most humble dress will be elevated to a couture creation in its presence. Conversely, the same necklace works wonders framed with a crisp white collared shirt or black tuxedo jacket. Avoid necklines which sit around the same place as the jewellery, as it will compete for attention with the necklace.

Who looks best in it

Anyone who loves to draw attention to the neckline. Think of a great collar or choker necklace as similar to a great silk scarf: it really gives an outfit polish and glamour.

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2. The Cuff

It’s almost summertime and there’s nothiparng more glamorous than bare sun-kissed arms in a sleeveless or cap-sleeved dress with minimal accents save for a striking arm party. Set your wrists glistening with the glimmer of polished sterling silver in a substantial, luxurious profile.

What to wear with it

A generously sized sterling silver cuff looks best on its own or with a similarly sized partner on the other arm – but needs little other company to make your look complete. A short-sleeved t-shirt, singlet top or sleeveless dress will really allow your cuff to tell its story best.

Who looks best in it

Those who feel their forearms are their best feature, of course! The great thing about cuffs is that they fit more snugly than regular bangles and bracelets and are perfect for those who prefer a less fussy, jangly look, feel and sound.

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3. The Drop Earring

Possibly our favourite party-time accessory here at NAJO, the drop earring really spells “festive”. In gleaming sterling silver, or even accented in a two-tone gold or a semi-precious gemstone, an undulating drop really is the last word in glamour.

What to wear with it

Almost anything! Very substantial drop earrings are the best way to up your evening look. Just be sure to keep your neckline simple or bare – a flattering boatneck or low-cut dress are great options here.

Who looks best in it

Just about anyone can pull off a drop earring. Short hair, long hair, upswept styles – they all look amazing with a dancing jewelled ear. Very long drops are best reserved for those with longer necks, but most of our drops are ideal for instantly dressing up any outfit.

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