Your First Look at NAJO’s Newest Collection

Organic forms connect us to the natural forces in our lives.

The smallest pebble, smoothed by wind and water, time and touch, embodies life’s big ideas.

Inanimate yet never-ending, a true constant inextricably linked to Earth herself.

The natural successor to VIDA, a collection which celebrated life-giving powers, NAJO’s newest collection takes an even finer focus.

In PIEDRA, our brand new concept for Resort 2019, unassuming pebbles become the keystones of life.

Elevated to spectacular effect in glorious sterling silver and gleaming gold plate, these organic formations engage with skin and light in captivating ways.

Beckoning to be touched, they fall together hung in a trio on delicate necklace chains, dance off hoop earrings, and become a minimalist centrepiece in toggle bracelets and tiny studs.

This 14-piece resort collection captures the timeless NAJO aesthetic of organic lines inspired by clean Scandinavian design. At the same time, it interprets fashion’s direction towards a natural warmth with architectural edge.

The high polish of PIEDRA’s precious metals makes a playful contrast to the natural quality of rocks and draws to mind the power of transformation first seen this year in VIDA.

Variations in shapes and sizes among the pebbles in the collection are reminiscent of the way real stones are found in the natural world – by the handful. It’s a cue to wear PIEDRA en masse, layered and mixed among your favourite gold and sterling silver pieces.

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