The Two-Tone Trend: Silver, Meet Gold.

Central to NAJO’s core aesthetic is our two-tone collection. Blushing rose gold accents paired with radiant sterling silver may be a hot trend in fashion right now, but at NAJO we have been mixing metals almost since the inception of our brand 30 years ago. And in the wider world of jewellery design, two-tone has been around for longer still.


The history of two-tone jewellery: famous designs

Tri-colour intertwined wedding bands have been used in Russian Orthodox marriage ceremonies since the 19th century. The three distinctly coloured bands are said to represent the Holy Trinity, a concept central to Orthodox Christianity. This tradition was reinterpreted in 1924 by legendary French jeweller Louis Cartier, whose famous Trinity Ring incorporated a trio of bands in pink, yellow and white gold. According to Cartier, the colours of the gold are symbolic: pink for love, yellow for fidelity and white for friendship.

Around the same time, Italian design house Buccellati also began to fashion their signature fancy creations in two tone, demonstrating a dual mastery in goldsmithing and silversmithing with their intricate designs inspired by lace and honeycombs.

As in fine art, bringing colour into a jewellery masterpiece brings life, meaning and beauty. Iconic American jewellery house Verdura is renowned for making colourful, artistic treasures such as this show-stopping tri-colour box celebrating a spectrum of autumn leaves in various shades of 18 carat gold. This piece beautifully illustrates that the finest jewellery design is akin to painting with precious metals.

The revival of mixed metallics: fashion, jewellery & home

In recent months, French Vogue celebrated the comeback of “bicolores” – or two-tone – earrings, showcasing a gold and palladium design by Dior and several styles in silver with gold plate by indie French designers found in cult Paris boutique, Colette.

It’s easy to see why the two-tone trend long beloved at NAJO is experiencing such a widespread revival. The colour combination offers the best of both worlds and lends itself perfectly to that other current fashion obsession: layering. Two-tone pieces can act as matchmaker between your existing and new, vintage and designer, gold, rose gold and silver collections of jewellery.

At NAJO, we have taken an artist’s approach to our superb sterling silver, bringing colour and vibrancy with precious 18 carat yellow and rose gold accents on delicate necklaces, statement rings, intertwined bangles, luxe hoops and feminine bracelets. Our ever-popular Glow Series features gorgeous sterling silver earrings, bangles, pendants and rings with accents of shimmering copper and brass. It’s such a winning combination that it’s even found traction in decorating too, with heartwarming brass and copper homewares forging their way into fashionable interiors all across the world.

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