The history of ring-wearing is captivating. In ancient times, Egyptians believed people possessed a vein of love, known as the vena amoris, that ran directly from the heart to the fourth finger of the left hand. This belief led to the first known exchanges of rings as symbols of love and bonding. 

Today, those ancient rings of braided reeds and leather have been replaced with stunning gold, sterling silver, mixed metal, or gemstone designer rings. And although the ring finger is still traditionally used for bridal rings, our hands have become a canvas for creativity and self-expression through elegant NAJO ring stacking that tells your story without words.

How to choose your designer ring style 

We’ve always loved the way people interpret our beautiful rings in distinctive ways. From solid eternity rings and designer promise rings to thin stackable bands and simple teardrop rings - NAJO’s Online Ring Shop features a beautiful selection to express yourself in style. To help you find the perfect ring, we’ve explored some of our designs below. 

Adorn yourself with a stack of NAJO’s Narrow Bands

NAJO’s thin stackable bands are simple stacking rings handcrafted to sit perfectly on your finger. These narrow rings are so elegant in their simplicity. Infused with NAJO’s signature design aesthetic, they’re the perfect delicate rings to fly solo or accompany others in your NAJO ring collection. We recommend choosing your usual ring size for this elegantly cute ring style. 

Find meaning with NAJO’s Designer Gemstone Promise Rings 

All our gemstone rings make gorgeous promise rings because they’re imbued with beauty and meaning. View the Product Details to discover more about your gemstone ring or browse our material glossary. Whichever unique gemstone ring you choose, you’ll make a statement because NAJO’s stonecutting artisans ensure these promise rings glow from within.

Discover minimalist large rings for maximum impact 

NAJO’s sculptural design aesthetic takes centre stage in our covetable large designer rings. These big bands make a statement and take up more surface area on your finger, so we recommend sizing up to ensure your designer ring fits snugly without feeling tight. 

Fall in love with NAJO’s unique ring designs and finishes 

Our jewellery collections feature handcrafted 925 sterling silver rings with a stunning selection of designs, finishes, and detailing. Showcasing high-quality plating, our yellow gold rings, rose gold rings, and gemstone rings add glorious colour to your look. 

Most of our contemporary sterling silver rings are polished to magnify their inherent beauty. But, if you’re someone who calms your mind through tactile rings or you relish intriguing jewellery, you’ll love our luxurious oxidised silver rings or designs with playful textural finishes. 

Express yourself with versatile stacking rings

As well as versatile and modern two-tone ring designs, NAJO’s collections feature beautiful stacking bands in different material finishes. Mixing and matching our stackable rings lets you play with sterling silver bands, rose gold rings and yellow gold bands to create your distinctive look. 

We love that you’ve dropped by to learn more about our collection of stunning Australian rings crafted by artisans who share our passion for exquisite slow jewellery. If you need help choosing your ring size or style, visit our Journal and enjoy the article How to Ring Size, or get in touch with our fantastic team. We’re inspired by the way you wear your NAJO designer rings, so don’t forget to tag @najojewellery in your Instagram posts! We wish you many, many joyful outings in your NAJO rings.