Rings are timeless jewellery pieces that have been worn throughout history, dating as far back to Ancient Egypt. With a range of spinning, bold, delicate and dainty rings to choose from, you may not only be stuck for choice, but also on your ring size. 

The Perfect Fit

When it comes to choosing your ring size, the key is to finding a size that fits your finger perfectly. So what is the perfect fit? Ideally, when choosing your ring size, it should go over your knuckle with some friction when it's being put on and taken off. In different temperatures, you hands tend to change in size, when it's cool and the temperature drops you may find your fingers shrink. Whereas in the height of summer, they become swollen. Ensuring your ring fits over the knuckle and sits comfortably, enables it to stay on your finger without falling off in winter and being too tight in summer. 


Ring Styles

Whether you're wanting to make an impact and armour up with the Trail Ring or keep things simple with the Heavenly Pearl Ring, it can be tricky to choose your ring size.
See the NAJO tips below on choosing your ring size.


Wide Bands

The style of ring can alter your ring size, rings that are wide take up more room on the finger due to its larger surface area. In this case, make sure you size up to ensure your ring fits nice and snug without feeling too tight.


Narrow Bands

If you want to keep things simple and wear delicate styles. choose your normal ring size as it will sit perfectly on your finger.


Tapering Bands

Allowing full movement of your finger and without weighing your hands down, a tapering band is the perfect solution. It packs a punch on the top, whilst the band narrows under your finger. 


 To avoid your rings from tarnishing, use the NAJO Cleaning Cloth and NAJO Cleaning Spray to add shine back to your rings.