How to Choose Bridal Jewellery

NAJO’s bridal jewellery pieces are love letters to yourself. Stylish and meaningful, they make you look and feel absolutely beautiful on your special day.

Our Founder and Creative Director, Jo Tory, has been accessorising brides with something new (and sometimes something blue) since 1986. We sat down with her to ask her advice on how to choose bridal jewellery and answer your most frequently asked wedding jewellery questions.

What’s your best advice on how to choose wedding jewellery?

JT: A bride’s top-to-toe look is a beautiful reflection of her personality. Everything works together in harmony. If you’re stuck on how to choose bridal jewellery, I recommend creating a mood board for your look. This helps you keep your gown, fabric, embellishments, colours, veil, hairstyle and shoes in mind when choosing your wedding jewellery pieces.

Fabric and embellishments are important – if you’re wearing an intricate and detailed gown, you may want elegantly simple bridal jewellery. On the other hand, if it’s a fluid, minimalist gown, you can experiment with bolder sculptural pieces.

Should I wear silver or gold jewellery for my wedding?

JT: If you want clues on how to choose bridal jewellery metals, take a look inside your jewellery box!

Over the years, people become masters at personal jewellery storytelling. They know which precious metals and styles suit their personality. My advice for your wedding day jewellery is to ignore trends and stay true to yourself. That’s how you’ll create a natural look that brings out your inner beauty.

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Your wedding day is that special moment when two souls are joined together in eternal love and vows of commitment are made. Choose bridal jewellery as unique as your love with our beautiful range of wedding jewellery for women.

Can you wear blue on your wedding day?

JT: Absolutely, particularly bridal jewellery! The wedding tradition of wearing ‘something blue’ stems from the belief that blue represents love, fidelity and trust. You can add a gorgeous pastel splash with meaningful stones, such as aqua chalcedony. It’s the stone that’s said to centre and calm emotional energy, so it’s perfect for your wedding day!

For a bolder splash, our turquoise bridal jewellery uses the stone of luck and protection to make a really stunning statement. Of course, if you don’t want to wear anything blue, you can always write a little message in blue on the bottom of your shoes!D

Which metals will suit me?

JT: Choosing jewellery metals also comes down to the colour of your wedding dress. Champagne and ivory wedding gowns suit yellow-gold wedding jewellery, white dresses magnify the inherent beauty of silver, while dresses with pink hues are simply stunning with rose-gold bridal jewellery.

Our Stylist’s Guide below has more info to help, but if in doubt, get in touch with the team, as they love prepping a bride for her big day!

NAJO Stylist Guide


Wedding Dress Colour

Best Bridal Jewellery

Pure White

Sterling Silver, Platinum, Pearl

Off White

Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Pearl

Champagne, Ivory, Cream

Yellow Gold, Pearl

Blush, Pink

Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Pearl

Bridal Earrings

What kind of earrings do brides wear?

JT: Because bridal earrings are so close to your face, they should enhance your beauty rather than overwhelm it. How to choose bridal earrings really comes down to your complete look, including your gown’s neckline and embellishments and how you’ll wear your hair.

Bridal pearl earrings are universally flattering and timeless classics. The ancient Greeks believed pearl wedding jewellery prevented brides from shedding tears and saw them as symbols of passion, love and marriage! You really can’t go wrong with a pair of bridal pearl drops or bridal studs, even in the most intricate lace wedding dress.

What are your top bridal earring picks?

JT: My personal favourites are NAJO’s My Silent Tears and Baby Tears designs. They have a contemporary aura and elegant fluidity that suits almost every neckline and hairstyle.

If you choose an understated wedding dress with little or no embellishment around the neckline, you can dial up the glamour in bold statement bridal earrings, such as our Weeping Woman Earrings, Strudel Hoops or the divine Awaken Hoops!

Bridal Bracelets

Should you wear a bracelet at your wedding?

JT: Our bridal customers choose bridal bracelets for the wedding ceremony and to add extra beauty once they’ve put their bouquet down for the reception. So you can start with one core statement piece and then build your look with a beautiful bridal bracelet stack as the day goes on!

What advice can you give on how to choose a bridal bracelet?

JT: It’s all about the aesthetic! But I like to pick jewellery for its symbolism too. Bridal jewellery is usually the only part of your look you’ll wear long after your big day. So selecting a piece that’s steeped in meaning is extra special.

Whichever piece you choose, I recommend slipping it on your right wrist so it doesn’t detract from your wedding band.

Which NAJO bracelet designs are bridal jewellery bestsellers?

JT: Definitely our iconic You’re My Love Knot Bangle which symbolises the promise of eternal togetherness, and our Garden of Eden Bangle, which represents infinity.

The Bamboo Bangle is an extremely popular bridal bracelet because it represents longevity and signifies good fortune, health and prosperity.

Bridal Rings

Can brides wear extra rings on their big day?

JT: Absolutely! How to choose bridal jewellery rings (above wedding and engagement rings) comes down to your personal style. Our hands are canvasses for self-expression and creativity.

Although there are no hard and fast rules for extra bridal rings, I advise adding one ring (or a stack) on your right hand so you leave the left for the important wedding ring exchange. I love the Dune Ring and Pool of Tears Ring for their understated elegance and, of course, bridal pearl rings for their timeless beauty.

Bridal Necklaces

What jewellery goes best with a sweetheart neckline?

JT: A sweetheart neckline is elegant and romantic by nature. Because of its feature shape, I recommend picking an understated bridal necklace in a choker or mid-length style that sits above your gown’s neckline.

If you opt for a V-neck or strapless dress, choose a sublimely elegant pendant such as our My Silent Tears or Weeping Widow necklaces. Our bridal pearls always enhance your beauty, regardless of your neckline. For something blue, the Aquamarine Aura bridal pendant is eternally elegant and adds an ethereal pastel colour.

Bridal FAQs - Answered by Jo Tory

How much should I budget for wedding jewellery?

JT: We’re acutely aware that weddings are expensive enough, especially with the rising cost of living. So yourwedding jewellerybudget absolutely depends upon what you can realistically afford. That’s why we’ve curated an elegant and affordableBridal Jewellery Collectionso you can look exquisite without compromise.

What kind of jewellery do you wear to a wedding?

JT: Wedding guest jewellery should never outshine the bride! So while spritzing yourself in diamonds and tiaras might not be quite right,pearlsare always suitable for wedding guests as they’re so elegant.As a guest, I love bold, understated pieces that make me feel beautiful and confident in such a highly social setting. How to choose wedding jewellery for your bridal party will depend on your theme. I recommend collaborating with the mother of the bride and groom if appropriate so there’s no clash on the day!

What advice can you give on how to choose wedding jewellery for bridesmaids?

JT: Jewellery gifts for bridesmaids are cherished long after your wedding day. I always advise brides to think of three things when choosing bridesmaid jewellery gifts:

  1. You don’t all have to match! Our NAJO pieces are designed to complement each other. Think about what jewellery they like to wear and look for something that suits their personality. Check their social photos for clues about what they love.
  2. Give them something that’s imbued with symbolism and meaning.
  3. If you give them one piece, such as a necklace or bangle, give them clear guidance on choosing and wearing other pieces to avoid uncoordinated looks.
Do you know what colours are rude to wear to a wedding?

JT: We’re often asked what colour you should avoid at a wedding! Generally, you should steer clear of wearing bridal dress colours unless you’re the bride or bridesmaid. These include white, off-white, ivory, cream, champagne, beige, neutrals, pale pink and any light shade that could be mistaken for being white. If in doubt, check with the bride!

Do you also know what colour is unlucky to wear at a wedding?

JT: We’ve seen almost every wedding gown and guest dress colour in our NAJO studio over the years! I’m sure you can find a superstition about every colour, but I always embrace creativity and personal expression! As a wedding guest, I personally avoid black as I feel it’s still associated with funerals and mourning (and I don’t want the bride or groom to think I’m wearing it because I disapprove of them)! My only other recommendation is to check with the bride, as specific colours are lucky or unlucky in some cultures.

What should I avoid wearing to a wedding?

JT: Anything casual! The bride and groom put enormous effort into organising their wedding. So dressing beautifully acknowledges and respects the sense of occasion. And, of course, anything white, as mentioned before.

Do you offer one-on-one consultations on how to choose bridal jewellery?

JT: We adore helping brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of brides and grooms! Pleaseget in touchwith our team, and we can give advice on how to choose wedding jewellery that suits your divine look. We can help byphone,email, videoconference or by appointment in our Redfern Studio.




Jo Tory

Born in Australia, Jo Tory is proud to be one of the country’s pioneering female jewellery founders. She has been our Creative Director since NAJO’s formation, steering the company to be one of Australia’s most successful fine jewellery brands today. Jo also sits on the Jewellers Association of Australia’s Board of Directors, where she actively promotes the highest standards and ethics within the Australian jewellery industry.