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My Silent Tears Earring
From $89.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Baby Tears Earring
From $59.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Kiss Stud Earring
From $59.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Weeping Woman Earring
From $129.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Double Beat Stud Earring
From $59.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Boobelah Earring
From $99.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Shayla Earring
Sil/Yell GoldSil/Rose Gold
Ms Perla Earring
From $189.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Tranquila Stud Earring
Sil/Rose GoldSil/Yell Gold
Strudel Hoop
From $199.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Chia Hoop Earring
From $89.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold

Women's Bridal & Wedding Earrings


Tradition, symbolism, status, protection, style – earrings have conveyed different meanings for millennia. Today, earrings are one of the most potent forms of self-expression, enabling you to creatively and beautifully enhance your look while staying true to your personality.
Whether you prefer statement hoops, sculptural huggies or delicate studs, our NAJO earring designs exude understated style. Exquisitely crafted, their timeless elegance transcends fashions and seasons, making them slow jewellery pieces you’ll treasure. To help you find your perfect pair, we’ve put together this NAJO Earring Style Guide


Make a statement in NAJO bridal earrings

Getting married, attending a wedding, or looking for unique bridesmaid gifts? Our NAJO Online Bridal Collection has a selection of harmonious wedding earrings to complete every stunning look.

We recommend considering your wedding dress, neckline, and hairstyle before choosing your perfect bridal earrings. Not sure which pair to choose? Contact our Redfern Studio, and we’ll help you find the perfect earrings, necklace and bracelet for your special day!


Gemstone earrings uplift and add colour

Want to infuse your look with beauty, colour, and meaning? NAJO’s jewellery collections often feature gorgeous gemstone earrings with high-quality, ethically sourced stones from across the globe.

Our artisan stonecutters cut our gemstones for our jewellery designs, and they know how to highlight their beauty! As a result, our gemstone drop earrings, charm earrings, and stone studs sell out fast, so when you find a pair you love, snap them up!


Best bridesmaid gifts and wedding guest jewellery

Whether you’re the mother of the bride or groom or a wedding guest, NAJO’s Online Jewellery Store has a stunning collection of wedding day jewellery to complete your outfit. Our jewellery pieces are also highly sought-after bridesmaid accessories to complement the bridal look.

If you’re looking for unique bridesmaid gift ideas, please get in touch with our expert team – they’ll help you select meaningful bridesmaid gifts and wrap them beautifully for your special day.  

We’re honoured to be a part of your special day. Our Australian bridal jewellery pieces are handcrafted by artisans who share our passion for exquisite design and quality. We’re always excited to see how you interpreted your NAJO bridal jewellery on your wedding day, so please send us photos or tag @najojewellery in your Instagram posts! We wish you a wonderful day and a lifetime of happiness together.




How to Choose Bridal Jewellery

NAJO’s bridal jewellery pieces are love letters to yourself. Stylish and meaningful, they make you look and feel absolutely beautiful on your special day.

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