Gold jewellery is dead.

There, I said it. As a lover of all things gold, it was painful for me to come to terms with it, but it's done. It's out in the open and I can't take it back now.

I'm sure gold jewellery fans are going to send me hate mail and tell me to hand in my resignation, but I will not back down because 2024 is all about silver jewellery - trust me, you'll be thanking me in a few months.

Take a look around, because chances are your favourite jewellery brand is releasing silver collections.

And frankly, it's about time silver had its moment. 

A silver cuff can polish up a basic blouse, or a pair of silver hoops help elevate a day dress. It's reliable without being boring and it's the perfect finishing touch to a low-key outfit.

Does that mean I'm going to throw out all my gold jewellery, never to be seen again? Hell no. I don't think I could ever part ways with it, but in 2024, I'm going to be incorporating more silver - whether that's by mixing metals or replacing some of my everyday gold pieces with the more understated metal.

If like me, you're also looking to add silver to your jewellery collection then keep reading, because I'm about to walk you through exactly how to wear it - and the best pieces to shop. 

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Featuring the Cloudland Silver Hoop



Basmah Qazi - 8 February, 2024

February 12, 2024 — Joanne Tory
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