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NAJO has been synonymous with silver craftsmanship for decades, earning a reputation as one of Australia's premier luxury jewellers. Our commitment to quality and passion for storytelling through jewellery have made us a favourite among those who appreciate the finer things in life. With a heritage deeply rooted in a love for silver, NAJO embraces diversity with our exquisite plus size rings for women.

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Plus Size Women’s Rings

Our plus size rings are a testament to our commitment to inclusivity. Recognising the diverse beauty of all women, we have curated a collection that embraces and celebrates every individual. We offer a range of sizes to ensure everyone can indulge in the luxury of our jewellery. Our women’s rings are crafted with gold, sterling silver, and gemstones, so everybody can find a ring that matches their style.

Comfort and Style

Wearing a ring that fits comfortably is important for both aesthetics and comfort. Our plus size rings are designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit for those with larger fingers, avoiding the inconvenience of rings that are too tight or difficult to put on. Plus size ladies can now enjoy the same level of craftsmanship and design in our rings as those with smaller fingers, allowing them to express their style without compromise.

Plus Size Rings for Ladies

NAJO's venture into plus size ring sets is a celebration of diversity and a nod to the evolving landscape of fashion and personal expression. Our rings are statements of confidence, symbols of self-love, and reflections of your unique style. From bold, chunky designs to minimalist plain rings, NAJO ensures every woman can find a ring that resonates with her taste and personality. Contact us today, and let us help you get the perfect ring.


What is a plus size ring size?

Plus size ring sizes are designed to provide a comfortable and stylish fit for individuals with larger fingers, ensuring that the ring is both aesthetically pleasing and comfy.

What type of women’s plus size rings does NAJO offer?

NAJO offers a diverse collection of plus size women's rings in Australia, ranging from bold and chunky designs to intricately detailed pieces. Our rings include the Sunshower Ring, Somersault Ring, Carolina Ring, Trail Ring, Barber Ring, Bands Of Time Ring, Raya Wide Ring, and many more.

Which other rings does NAJO offer?

Apart from our plus size rings, we also offer stone-set rings, two-tone rings, sterling silver rings, gold rings, event rings, and rose gold rings. Whatever your style or preference, we have something special just for you.

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