Made in Mexico

NAJO still uses the same small workshops where the brand began in 1986. It’s wonderful to see these artisans and their families and communities flourish. The children who played with NAJO’s first jewellery pieces in those days are now master silversmiths and proudly continue the tradition using the same time-honoured techniques.

Welcome to a Pueblo Mágico

There’s something inescapable about the spirit of Taxco, one of Mexico’s most beautiful, designated Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns). Nestled among picturesque rolling hills, its labyrinth of steep, narrow streets winds through white-washed houses, revealing plazas, churches and traditional shops along the way.

It’s the place where charming Volkswagen Beetle taxis (vochos) zip around, musicians serenade life, and the scent of street food fills the air. Around every Taxco corner, there’s a vibrant expression of life. And nothing is more stunning than the way it plays out in sterling silver jewellery.