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My Silent Tears Earring
From $89.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Kiss Stud Earring
From $59.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Weeping Woman Earring
From $129.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Cinta Hoop
From $89.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Boobelah Earring
From $99.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Ms Perla Earring
From $189.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Mode Huggie Earring
From $199.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Simple Hoop 2x45mm
From $119.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Strudel Hoop
From $199.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Shard Double Disk Stud
From $149.00
Sterling SilverSil/Yell Gold

Picking the right earrings to wear to a party, anniversary, or any other event is a fine art that, when done right, can transform your outfit. At NAJO, we offer a world-class selection of event earrings for formal and casual meetups, so no matter where you’re headed, your earrings will stand out.

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Choosing the Right Earrings

Before choosing what earrings to wear, consider what kind of occasion you are dressing for. Is it a formal occasion with a dress code, or just a fun hangout where anything goes? Understanding the event will let you know if your earrings should make a statement or blend in subtly with the rest of your outfit.

Earrings for Black Tie Event

For a black tie event, like a wedding or a work event, classics like small silver hoops or minimalist studs provide an understated yet refined look. Ideally, you want to go for neutral colours, like our silver or gold formal event earrings, to add an element of style without drawing too much attention. You could also opt for black tie event earrings, such as our pendant earrings or delicate pearl earrings, for a soft touch of refined class.

Casual Event Earrings

If you’re going to a cocktail party, pick something more spirited, like bold, big hoops or statement pieces like our Eden Pearl drops. Depending on your outfit, you can try different shades like gold or rose gold to complement or contrast your primary colours.

For casual events, feel free to wear your prettiest and flashiest earrings, as long as they work well with your outfit and other jewellery. For instance, when wearing statement earrings, you could pair them with understated necklaces or bracelets for a balanced look.

So wherever the night takes you, from the ballroom to the bowling alley, grace every occasion with our exquisite event earrings. Contact us today to find out more about our stunning collection.


What earrings to wear for a black tie event?

Choose elegant and sophisticated earrings that complement your formal attire. Consider classic options such as studs, pearl earrings, or small hoops with pearls. These timeless pieces add a touch of glamour and refinement without overwhelming your outfit.

What type of event earrings does NAJO offer?

NAJO offers a wide range of event earrings for various occasions, including earrings for formal events or casual outings. Our collection features sterling silver earrings, classic huggies, and modern ear cuffs. We also offer earrings for women with sensitive ears, designed to reduce irritation and allergic reactions.

How do I choose event earrings?

When choosing event earrings, consider if the occasion is formal or casual, your style, and your outfit. Some classic designs like studs or drop earrings are versatile, so you can wear them to formal or casual events, while statement earrings stand out if you’re aiming for a bolder look.

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