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NAJO's silver chain link necklaces are more than just jewellery — they’re captivating narratives, each whispering tales of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. Our chains transcend their functional purpose to become adornments that complete your look with an undeniable bold or subtle touch of luxury.

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Discover exquisite handmade chains in our world-class collection, including sterling silver necklace chains in different styles, colours, and finishes.

Fine Silver Chain Necklaces

The NAJO design philosophy is one of love, and this is clear in every chain we create. We use Australia’s finest gemstones to make our silver chain necklaces, each one a unique expression of its origin. From the soft hues of pearls to the fiery depths of oynx, our fine silver chain necklaces are adorned with treasures patiently nurtured by the earth for millennia.

We create our design sketches in Redfern studio in New South Wales, then send them out to our master jewellers based in Italy. Our Italian-crafted necklace chains embody meticulous detail and sustainability, made entirely from recycled sterling silver to reduce environmental impact and enhance elegance. Skilled artisans blend traditional and innovative methods, creating environmentally conscious and beautifully crafted pieces.

Something for Everyone

Whether you're seeking a classic pendant chain or a statement layered necklace, our collection offers a captivating array of styles to suit every desire. NAJO’s 925 silver chain necklaces are perfect for layering or showcasing a cherished pendant, while chunky silver chain necklaces add a touch of drama — ideal for bold looks.

Buy Silver Necklace Chains

Contact us today to discover classic and captivating chains inspired by Australia’s finest gems. Our exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs guarantee our jewellery will look great for many years.


What type of women’s chain necklaces does NAJO offer?

NAJO offers a diverse range of women's chain necklaces, including thick and chunky silver chains, intricate pendant necklaces, exquisite gold necklaces, dazzling stone-set necklaces, and delicate rose gold necklaces. Our fine necklaces are versatile, allowing you to mix and match different styles, long or short necklaces, and metals to suit your taste.

Why should I choose silver necklace chains from NAJO?

Every piece in our silver chain necklace women’s catalogue bears the mark of the skilled artisans who crafted it, adding a sense of authenticity to your jewellery collection. Each necklace is expertly handcrafted using only high-quality materials to ensure the jewellery makes a statement and lasts a long time. Plus, the timeless beauty of NAJO’s silver chain necklaces makes them versatile pieces that can be worn for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events.

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