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Cuff bracelets and bangles can be a simple addition to elevate your look and express your style. Whether you prefer a minimalist bangle or a stack of colourful beads, NAJO’s designer cuff bracelets and bangles come in different designs and styles to easily refine your ensemble.

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A Legacy of Art

For decades, we have collaborated with artisans from around the world, who each bring their cultural heritage and expertise to our cuff women’s bracelets. The delicate curves in our women’s silver cuff bracelets and the intricate weaving on the gemstone cuffs showcase our meticulous handwork. Each piece is a tribute to the generations-old craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage.

Styling Women’s Cuff Bracelets

NAJO cuff bangles offer a versatile and stylish accessory, and there are many ways to include them in your outfits. You can pair a simple, polished silver cuff with a flowy dress or blouse for a timeless look. If you want some extra sparkle, wear it with a matching chain, pendant necklace, or earrings.

Alternatively, stack several thin bangles in different metals like silver, gold, or rose gold for a sleek, laidback layered effect. This can go well with tailored pants and a crisp shirt or sweater. When you want to make a bold statement, opt for a chunky cuff or one of our event bracelets to add personality to a simple outfit like jeans and a T-shirt. Add a twist of adventure by mixing metals and textures for a more eclectic look. For instance, you could combine a silver cuff with a leather bracelet or a gold cuff with a woven bangle.

Cuff Bangles Online

Explore our collection of fashionable cuff bangles and adorn your wrist with the beauty of earth's jewels. Contact us today to find a piece that reflects your personality and learn more about our women’s silver cuff bracelets in Australia.


What type of women’s cuff bracelets does NAJO offer?

NAJO has a world-class collection of women's cuff bracelets perfect for various styles and preferences. We offer sterling silver bracelets, simple polished cuffs, delicate bangles, and statement pieces with pearls or gemstones. We also have chunky cuffs, mixed metal combinations, and thin bangles.

Why should I choose cuff bracelets from NAJO?

We offer a wide selection of designer cuff bracelets crafted from high-quality sterling silver. Our pieces are designed in Australia and influenced by decades-old silversmithing traditions to create our signature distinctive aesthetics. Plus, we prioritise ethical sourcing and responsible practices, so you can rest assured that you’re wearing premium jewellery made in a transparent process.

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