How To Measure Your Ring Size

Finding the right ring size is essential—it's about comfort, security, and the seamless integration of the piece into your daily life.

A ring that fits well sits comfortably and looks great, reflecting your style effortlessly. Knowing your ring size means you can wear your jewellery with confidence, whether it represents a promise, a personal milestone, or simply your taste.

If you are wondering ‘how do I know my ring size?’, we've created a straightforward ring size guide. It's practical, easy to follow, and will ensure that your ring is not just a beautiful accessory, but a perfect extension of your individuality.

Understanding Ring Size

Ring size is a numerical value attributed to the circumference of the inner circle of a ring, ensuring it gently embraces the finger without being too tight or too loose. It is usually measured in millimetres and can be converted into various international size standards. A universally recognized practice involves measuring the internal diameter of the ring (the space within the circle), or the circumference of the finger upon which it will rest, harmonising this measurement with a standardised size guide to ascertain the fitting size.

NAJO Ring Size Guide

Najo Size USA British Inside Circumference Inside Diameter
  3 E 1/2 43.5 mm 13.8 mm
  4 H 1/2 46.5 mm 15.0 mm
  5 J 1/2 49.0 mm 15.75 mm
X Small 6 L1/2 52.0 mm 16.5 mm
Small 7 N 1/2 55.0 mm 17.5 mm
Medium 8 P 1/2 57.0 mm 18.0 mm
Large 9 R 1/2 60.0 mm 19.0 mm
X Large 10 T 1/2 62.0 mm 22.0 mm

Overview of Standard Ring Size Charts

Navigating through the world of ring sizes introduces us to an array of charts, each reflective of the standards and norms adopted by various regions and countries. The United States and Canada typically utilise numerical sizes with half and quarter size increments, while the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand employ alphabetical lettering. In contrast, most European countries use a straightforward numerical scale, parallel to the circumference of the finger in millimetres.

A standard ring size chart, therefore, serves as a bridge, enabling the translation of sizes across different regions and facilitating a more global understanding of sizing norms. It empowers individuals to shop beyond borders, ensuring that wherever you are, or wherever your chosen piece originates, it arrives as a perfect fit, whispering tales of distant lands while remaining true to the tale etched in your soul.

 Different Methods to Measure Ring Size at Home

Navigating through the pathways to the perfect ring size, we find that each route offers its own unique blend of practicality and precision. Measuring your ring size at home gracefully combines convenience with accuracy when done meticulously. Let’s delve into the nuances of each method, ensuring that your journey towards an impeccable fit is both enlightened and enchanting.

Using a String or a Piece of Paper

Engage in a simplistic yet profoundly effective method of using a string or paper strip. Begin by wrapping it gently yet firmly around the base of the intended finger, ensuring it isn’t too tight or too slack. Mark the point where the end meets the wrapped around portion, creating a complete circle without any overlap. Unveil the length by stretching it against a ruler, capturing the measurement in millimetres.

With the measurement securely noted, grace through a standardised ring size chart, aligning the obtained millimetres with the corresponding ring sizes. Ensure you observe with a discerning eye, acknowledging whether the measured length settles precisely on a size or navigates towards a half or quarter size increment, depending on prevalent size guides.

Using a Ring That Already Fits

Begin with a ring that gently clasps your finger with both comfort and assurance. Measure its inner diameter using a ruler, capturing the distance across the circle in millimetres, ensuring that you gauge from edge to edge, bypassing any curvature or design embellishments.

Embark on a journey through a ring size chart, ensuring your measured diameter finds its mirrored counterpart within the guide. Be conscious of regional size variances, ensuring that your interpretation aligns with the originating country’s sizing practices, thereby safeguarding against the disappointments of a misfit.

Purchasing and Using a Ring Sizer

A ring sizer manifests as a collection of metal or plastic rings, each etched with their respective size, or as an adjustable belt-like sizer, designed to seamlessly encircle your finger, adjusting to find the precise size. This tool mimics the bands of actual rings, offering a more realistic sizing experience and potentially elevating the accuracy of the size determined.

Begin by sliding the ring sizer onto your finger, adjusting until it feels comfortably secure, ensuring it can glide over the knuckle with ease yet not slide off without intentional removal. For the ring collection type, slide each ring onto your finger until one fits appropriately, again observing the ease with which it traverses the knuckle and its snugness once in place.

In every method, emerge with a size that combines comfort with assurance, ensuring that the chosen piece will not only fit but also reside with ease, safeguarding both the physicality and the sentimentality embedded within. Thus, every ring becomes not just a piece of jewellery but a vessel, holding both its inherent tales and those yet to be engraved by time.

Ring Sizing Tips

Time of day

Measure your finger at different times throughout the day since finger size can fluctuate due to various factors like temperature and physical activity.


Ensure your hands are neither too cold nor too warm when taking measurements to avoid inaccurate sizing due to thermal expansion or contraction of your fingers.

Use the right tools

Employ a string, thin strip of paper, or a professional ring sizer to measure your finger, ensuring the material is not stretchy or unreliable for accurate measurements.

Sizing Guide

Utilise a reliable ring sizing guide or chart to compare your measurements and determine your ring size accurately.

Measure more than once

Ensure consistency and accuracy by measuring multiple times before finalising your size.

Consider Band Width

If the ring has a particularly wide band, consider choosing a slightly larger size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Navigate Between Sizes

If you find yourself between sizes, opt for the larger size for a comfortable fit.

Beware of the Knuckle

Ensure the size you choose can comfortably slide over your knuckle.

Avoid Guessing

Never estimate or guess a ring size; ensure measurements are as accurate as possible.

Consult a Professional

When in doubt, or when dealing with particularly valuable or delicate pieces, consult with a professional jeweller for precise sizing.

Adjustment Period

Remember that your ring size might change due to factors like weight loss/gain, pregnancy, or ageing, and periodic resizing may be necessary.

Utilising these tips as a gentle guide through the pathways of ring sizing, you ensure that each piece chosen not only entwines with your finger but also does so with comfort, allowing it to become a seamless extension of your stories and journeys.

With the knowledge of how to check your ring size in hand, you're ready to explore the diverse range of rings that reflect your personal style. NAJO, an Australian jewellery brand with a heritage spanning over 30 years, offers a variety of women’s rings in sterling silver, rose gold, and gold to complement any look.

From stone rings to two tone rings,  find your fit and discover the piece that resonates with you, where elegance meets timeless design. Your perfect ring is waiting to become a part of your story.


How can I measure ring size at home?

The endeavour can be both simple and precise, utilising tools and materials often readily available within the comforting bounds of your abode. A piece of string, or even a strip of paper, can become your vessel to understand your ring size; gently wrap it around the base of your finger, marking the point where it completes a circle, and measuring this length against a ruler. This measurement can be compared to standard ring size charts, available aplenty online, translating your effort into a discernible size. Alternatively, employing the silhouette of an existing ring that fits perfectly, traced upon paper, and measuring its diameter, can also whisper the secrets of your size. And for a more meticulously accurate journey, consider investing in a ring sizer, a tool designed to gracefully unveil the precise size of your finger, ensuring your chosen pieces will slide seamlessly into their new home, whispering tales of belonging and timeless stories yet to be woven. Remember to measure multiple times, at different times of the day, and under varying conditions, to ensure the accuracy of your findings, gently cradling the tales that your rings, old and new, will tell.

Are men's and women's ring sizes measured on the same scale?

Yes, men's and women's ring sizes are measured on the same scale within a particular geographic region or jewellery brand. The difference essentially lies in the average sizes commonly worn by men and women due to their generally different finger sizes. Men's rings typically fall within larger sizes on the same scale that women's rings are measured. Furthermore, men's rings often come in wider band widths and might have a slightly different fit due to the design. When choosing a ring, regardless of gender, the same sizing charts or tools can be used, keeping in mind comfort, design, and the particular fit of the chosen piece. Always ensure to consider the specific characteristics and recommendations of the ring style and the jeweller or brand from which you’re purchasing.

How do I secretly find out someone else's ring size?

Navigating the secret quest of discerning someone else's ring size involves a blend of subtle investigations and gentle strategies. Whether borrowing a ring they regularly adorn, consulting with their close ones, tracing their ring, or engaging in casual conversational probes, your journey will be one of delicate balance between secrecy and discovery. You might also consider playful finger comparisons, covert window shopping, or even the tender usage of a string and sizing chart whilst they slumber.

How will I know I have the right ring size?

Ensuring you have chosen the right ring size encompasses a gentle alignment of comfort, ease, and security when the piece encircles your finger.

  • Comfortable Fit: The ring should slide over your knuckle with relative ease and sit snugly at the base of your finger without constricting it.

  • Secure Yet Movable: While on, it should be secure enough not to fall off with hand movement but still have a slight give when manually rotated or moved.

  • No Discomfort or Imprints: There should be no discomfort or significant imprints left on your finger when you remove it.

  • Consistent Measurements: Ensuring that your ring size measurement is consistent across different parts of the day and under various conditions, aligning with the size of the chosen ring.

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