La Tierra – Inspiration behind the Collection

When designing new jewellery collections for NAJO, our greatest inspiration is always drawn from nature.

In previous collections, we have drawn treasures from the sea (El Mar), the moon (La Luna), and the sun (El Sol).

But for our newest creations, inspiration is less celestial and more down-to-earth – literally.

What is La Tierra?

La Tierra is a celebration of the raw, rich, rustic beauty of the earth. You might wonder if there is equal mystery and majesty to be found in the earth as there is in the sea and sky.

The answer, of course, is absolutely.

This newest jewellery range will be the culmination of all NAJO’s previous collections, the natural next step in our design journey.

The earth – uncovering its treasures

Every one of the world’s greatest and most priceless jewels were fashioned from materials that once lay dormant as humble minerals in the earth’s many magical layers.

“La Tierra”, or “the earth”, refers to the complex geologies which form our world, and which speak to civilisations both modern and ancient, remembered and long extinct.

There’s the rich, multidimensional colours found in natural rock and clay, represented in this new jewellery collection by luminous labradorite.

The dramatic black depths of lava are symbolised by matte sandblasted onyx in irregular, organic shapes.

The distinctive rust-red earth of the central Australian outback is reflected in the rich rose gold plating.

The deep chasms in the earth and angular formations of rock faces and crystals are re-imagined in the geometric shapes of our newest bangles, earrings and rings.

At the heart of it all is the magnificent sterling silver that binds every NAJO collection to the one that came before. In this latest incarnation, sterling silver is the ultimate metaphor for the earth itself: the beginning and the end, the circle of life. It is everything.

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February 01, 2017 — Najo AU Admin
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Jo Tory

Born in Australia, Jo Tory is proud to be one of the country’s pioneering female jewellery founders. She has been our Creative Director since NAJO’s formation, steering the company to be one of Australia’s most successful fine jewellery brands today. Jo also sits on the Jewellers Association of Australia’s Board of Directors, where she actively promotes the highest standards and ethics within the Australian jewellery industry.