A common quandary in the fashion world is the subject of matching jewellery. There’s no question that sets are back in vogue, but some of us might still be a little hesitant to embrace the trend due to past faux pas.

So are there any rules, secrets or tricks to getting this look right?

The answer is: of course!

Who suits sets

Personalities most suited to wearing sets are women who appreciate an impeccably polished, perfectly complete yet understated style.

This includes modern minimalists who are confident in their look and those who adhere to a philosophy of order, harmony and precision.

On the other hand, this look is a no-brainer for anyone wanting a sure-fire way of getting an outfit just right. Not sure which goes with what? Our sterling silver jewellery sets will ensure you are perfectly turned out, every day – and can head off to work with a minimum of fuss.

No matter what your jewellery preference or price point, NAJO has a set style made to reflect your personality and tell your story. Choose from versatile two-tone, on-trend geometric, clean and timeless, or feminine and romantic.

How to match

We grilled the NAJO design team on a few dos and don’ts to getting the ‘set’ look spot-on:

1. Don’t try to wear more than 3 matching items at once. Earrings, pendant and ring, or necklace, bracelet and ring, is perfect.

2. Paired sets are best kept to simpler, more understated styles. Larger profile, statement pieces don’t really lend themselves to more than one piece of any collection at a time.

3. If you prefer a maximalist, boho or artfully eclectic look, use your matching set as a base to layer in a mix of complementary styles.

Classic NAJO couples and trios

The NAJO design team also spilled the beans on a few of their favourite collection partners and threesomes:

1. Pool of Tears Gently undulating tears connect in a classic style that works perfectly as a necklace-bracelet duo.

2. Cryptic Clean bands in complementary tones of bright silver and soft rose-gold plate sit side by side in harmony in this cuff-hoop-ring trio.

3. The Wanderer An irresistible pairing of freshwater pearl and onyx or labradorite add luxury to minimalistic design in this dreamy range. Treat yourself to the entire collection and wear in endless combinations: cuff-earring-pendant, ring-cuff-earring, or however you choose!

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