Set, Match

A common quandary in the fashion world is the subject of matching jewellery. There’s no question that sets are back in vogue, but some of us might still be a little hesitant to embrace the trend due to past faux pas.

So are there any rules, secrets or tricks to getting this look right?

The answer is: of course!

Who Suits Sets?

Personalities most suited to wearing sets are women who appreciate an impeccably polished, perfectly complete yet understated style.

This includes modern minimalists who are confident in their look and those who adhere to a philosophy of order, harmony and precision.

On the other hand, this look is a no-brainer for anyone wanting a sure-fire way of getting an outfit just right. Not sure which goes with what? Our sterling silver jewellery sets will ensure you are perfectly turned out, every day – and can head off to work with a minimum of fuss.

How to Match

We grilled the NAJO design team on a few dos and don’ts to getting the ‘set’ look spot-on:

  • Don’t try to wear more than 3 matching items at once. Earrings, pendant and ring, or necklace, bracelet and ring, is perfect.

  • Paired sets are best kept to simpler, more understated styles. Larger profile, statement pieces don’t really lend themselves to more than one piece of any collection at a time.

  • If you prefer a maximalist, boho or artfully eclectic look, use your matching set as a base to layer in a mix of complementary styles.

Classic NAJO Couples and Trios

The NAJO design team also spilled the beans on a few of their favourite collection partners and threesomes:

The Pool of Tears Set

Gently undulating tears connect in a classic style that works perfectly as a necklace-bracelet duo. A true heirloom set and a potent reminder to flow as life flows. Our master silversmiths handcraft each teardrop before linking them with meticulous attention to detail.

The Dew Drop Pearl Set

The ethereal beauty of fresh morning dew comes to life in this Dew Drop Pearl Set. Our artisans handcraft the pearl pendant dew drop, threading her onto a twist chain and huggie to magnify her iridescence. Sometimes called teardrops of the moon, pearls symbolise purity, perfection and romance, making this timeless creation a stunning bridal necklace choice.

The Mattina Set

Glistening rows of dew drops on grass inspired this ethereal chain design. Our Italian silversmiths place the drops at intervals along the single and double-stranded belcher chains, creating a refreshing effect. The Mattina, meaning morning in Italian, bracelet features an extension chain so you can play with lengths to find your perfect fit.

The Heavenly Turquoise Set

Capturing the idyllic blue of Avalon’s waters, this Heavenly Turquoise Set is the ultimate pick-me-up when you need a splash of colour. The gold plated sterling silver amplifies the vibrancy of her feature turquoise - a stone that’s said to instil inner calm.


How to wear Jewellery Sets?

Wearing jewellery sets can be easy and convenient. The pieces are designed to complement each other. When wearing a set, consider the occasion and your outfit. If you're wearing a statement necklace and earring set, keep other jewellery minimal to let the set shine. For more understated sets, you can mix them with other pieces for a more eclectic look.

How many pieces of jewellery should you wear at once?

The number of pieces you should wear at once depends on your personal style, the occasion, and the outfit. In general, less is often more. For a subtle, everyday look, stick to a few key pieces. For a more extravagant look, you can layer and stack more jewellery. The key is to maintain a sense of balance and avoid overdoing it.

Should your chain and bracelet match?

Your chain and bracelet don't necessarily need to match. Coordinating metals or materials can create a cohesive look, but mixing and matching can also be fashionable. It depends on your personal style and the specific outfit you're wearing.

Is it OK to wear matching earrings and necklace?

Wearing a matching necklace and earrings can create a coordinated and polished look. However, it's not a strict rule. Mixing and matching different pieces can also be stylish and offer a unique aesthetic.

How do you wear multiple pieces of jewellery?

When wearing multiple pieces of jewelry, it's essential to balance your look. Here are some tips:

  • Layer necklaces of different lengths for a stylish effect.
  • Stack bracelets and bangles on one wrist, but avoid overdoing it.
  • Mix and match rings, but don't overcrowd your fingers.
  • Earrings can be mixed and matched, but ensure they complement each other.
What do you call Jewellery Sets?

Jewelry sets are collections of matching or coordinated jewelry pieces. The French word for "Jewelry Sets" is "parures de bijoux" or simply "parures." Sets often include a necklace, earrings, and sometimes a bracelet or ring that are designed to be worn together to create a harmonious and put-together look. They are commonly sold together in stores and are an excellent choice for those who prefer a coordinated appearance.

With the rules, secrets, and our NAJO design team's recommendations in mind, you'll be well-prepared to confidently embrace the trend of matching jewellery sets, ensuring you step out in impeccable style, day after day.


Jo Tory

Born in Australia, Jo Tory is proud to be one of the country’s pioneering female jewellery founders. She has been our Creative Director since NAJO’s formation, steering the company to be one of Australia’s most successful fine jewellery brands today. Jo also sits on the Jewellers Association of Australia’s Board of Directors, where she actively promotes the highest standards and ethics within the Australian jewellery industry.