Through the millennia, necklaces have changed materials and shapes, but one thing remains the same. They tell stories imbued with meaning. They’re stories of religion, culture, royalty and mythology. And of sentiment, love and memories. Whether you buy a NAJO necklace, choker, pendant, or chain, your unique designer jewellery piece is imbued with as much beauty and meaning as the necklaces of the past. They’re necklaces that enable you to tell your story without words and express yourself creatively and beautifully while staying true to your personality. 

Distinctive necklaces for modern women

A NAJO Australian designer necklace is one of the creative building blocks of your distinctive look. When you browse our Sterling Silver Online Necklace Shop, you’ll discover a wealth of styles that exude understated elegance. From feminine chokers, contemporary collars and delicate chains to our signature designer necklaces and meaningful gemstone pendants – every quality piece is crafted by artisans with love. So which NAJO necklace is right for you? We’ve put together a few tips to help you choose.

The art of NAJO necklace styling

When it comes to NAJO necklace styling, there are no rules because it’s all about you. How you wear your hair, the shape of your decolletage and your preference for clothing necklines all play a role in finding your perfect necklace styles. Our striking collection of necklaces, chokers, pendants and chains are designed for you to experiment, flaunt solo, or master the art of necklace layering. It’s your story, so have fun!

The different types of necklaces and their lengths

Our NAJO Necklace Length Guide describes the different types of necklaces, their typical lengths, and where each sits on your body:


Collar Necklace

30-33 cm

Sits tightly around the centre of the neck.


Choker Necklace 


Sits closely around the base of the neck. 


Princess Necklace


Sits on the collarbone.


Matinee Necklace


Sits between the collarbone and bust.


Opera Necklace


Sits just below the bustline.


Rope Necklace

90cm and more

Sits well below your bustline to the waist or longer.


Necklace designs for accessorising versatility

Most of our necklaces, pendants and chains feature a generous 5cm extension, so you can play with lengths to suit your style. Some chains are also available in two different lengths, ensuring you don’t miss out on the stunning design if you prefer to wear your necklaces short or long. 

Necklace layering tips

If you’re experimenting with layering, we recommend finding a beautiful NAJO chain that anchors your stunning look. A chunky chain makes a statement, or you can soften your look with one of our delicate chains infused with intriguing detail. 

Choose a long necklace to drape or wrap around twice or create a head-turning look with one of our shorter signature handcrafted pieces such as the art-gallery-worthy Spratling Necklace, NAJ ‘O’ Necklace or the heavenly Pool of Tears Necklace. For more layering tips, enjoy our 3 Ways | Layered Necklace article in our NAJO Journal. 

About our NAJO chains

Representing unbreakable bonds, our NAJO chains are exquisite. Our collections feature many types of chains that best complement the necklace design, including snake chains, paperclip chains, delicate trace chains, diamond-cut ball chains, belcher chains, round box chains, and twist chains.

The sterling silver chains, plated rose gold chains and plated yellow gold chains found on our meaningful pendants are crafted by our Italian master silversmiths using recycled silver. Some of our glorious signature necklace chains are designed and handcrafted in collaboration with our Mexican silversmiths, who have been part of our NAJO family since 1986!

We love that you’ve dropped by to learn more about our stunning Australian designer necklaces, crafted by artisans who share our passion for exquisite slow jewellery. Don’t forget, we love seeing how you wear your NAJO necklaces, so please tag @najojewellery in your Instagram posts! We wish you many, many joyful outings in your NAJO necklaces