Tradition, symbolism, status, protection, style – earrings have conveyed different meanings for millennia. Today, earrings are one of the most potent forms of self-expression, enabling you to creatively and beautifully enhance your look while staying true to your personality. 

Whether you prefer statement hoops, sculptural huggies or delicate studs, our NAJO earring designs exude understated style. Exquisitely crafted, their timeless elegance transcends fashions and seasons, making them slow jewellery pieces you’ll treasure. To help you find your perfect pair, we’ve put together this NAJO Earring Style Guide. 


What’s the best earring style for me?

Our loyal NAJO followers tell us they have a fabulous choice of earring styles in their jewellery boxes for work, dates, events, and everything between. To find the best earring style for you, we recommend choosing pairs that complement and flatter your face shape:

Round faces: Instead of round earrings (which echo your face shape), choose dangle earring styles such as cascading dewdrops, charm earrings or chain earrings to balance and enhance your features. 

Oval faces: All earring styles look great on you, so have fun experimenting with NAJO’s beautiful drop earrings, big hoops, sculptural huggies and our quintessential sterling silver studs! 

Narrow faces: Add fullness to your face and enhance your cheekbone shape with round earrings, circle drops, sculptural cuff earrings and cute studs. 

Heart faces: Long earrings look stunning on you! We recommend browsing our NAJO Online Jewellery Store for sculptural drop earrings and elongated chain earrings to accentuate your features. 

Square faces: We recommend you avoid square earring styles as your wider face shape better suits big hoop earrings, designer huggies, beautiful stud earrings, and our stunning circular drop earrings. 

Diamond faces: Accentuate your lovely cheekbones with soft sculptural drop earrings, bold huggies, and long earring styles such as our chain earrings. 

Gemstone earrings uplift and add colour

Want to infuse your look with beauty, colour, and meaning? NAJO’s jewellery collections often feature gorgeous gemstone earrings with high-quality, ethically sourced stones from across the globe. 

Our artisan stonecutters cut our gemstones for our jewellery designs, and they know how to highlight their beauty! As a result, our gemstone drop earrings, charm earrings, and stone studs sell out fast, so when you find a pair you love, snap them up! 

Make a statement in NAJO bridal earrings 

Getting married, attending a wedding, or looking for unique bridesmaid gifts? Our NAJO Online Bridal Collection has a selection of harmonious wedding earrings to complete every stunning look. 

We recommend considering your wedding dress, neckline, and hairstyle before choosing your perfect bridal earrings. Not sure which pair to choose? Make an appointment to visit our Redfern Studio with your dress, and we’ll help you find the perfect earrings, necklace and bracelet for your special day! 

Different types of earring fastenings

All NAJO earrings are designed for pierced ears and feature various closures. Our NAJO Online Jewellery Shop has a beautiful selection of stud earrings, lever clasp earrings, shepherd hooks, and thread-through earrings. Simply check the Product Details to find out how your chosen earrings fasten!

What size are my earrings?

Not sure about the size of your NAJO earrings? Each design in our NAJO Online Earring Shop has a Product Details section, which gives you the earring measurements in millimetres. We also recommend looking at the photographs of our earrings on our models so you can picture their beauty on you! 

We love that you’ve dropped by to learn more about our stunning Australian designer earrings, crafted by artisans who share our passion for exquisite slow jewellery. Don’t forget to tag @najojewellery in your Instagram posts and show us your gorgeous look! We wish you many, many joyful outings in your NAJO earrings!