Everyday pieces with staying power.

It’s official: We’ve entered the era where being chic and affordable is not just a wish; it’s a reality.

So many of our mother’s and grandmother’s pieces have either been handed down through the generations, or were purchased with quality and longevity in mind — we’re talking solid gold, 24K and not a cubic zirconia in sight. In a complete 180, it feels like we were brought up on Lovisa, Diva and Prouds rather than Catier and Tiffany.

Priscilla poses with our Wildflower and Forget-Me-Not Stud Earrings. Photography by Lucy Alcorn.


While the latter designer jewellers may still be on our Lotto win wishlist, thankfully the market has opened up a new era of affordable, long-lasting jewellery; think gold vermeil, water-resistant and ethically sourced gemstones for a price you won’t have to put on AfterPay. 

We’ve compiled our list of the best jewellery your money can buy (and still afford to pay your rent). Most are Australian, many of them under $500 and all have their eye firmly on sustainable, ethical practices. 


Priscilla wears our Trilogy Earring and Aura Citrine RingPhotography by Lucy Alcorn.

Best For: Flair, Flounce and Craftsmanship

Eclectic and electric, this contemporary jewellery brand was born in Mexico and nurtured in Australia. NAJO seamlessly fuses Latin American flair with contemporary design, and draws inspiration from ‘Mother Nature’s artistry.’ Known for its sterling silver craftsmanship, the Redfern-based NAJO places emphasis on ethical sourcing and sustainable production. 

Priscilla poses with our Idyll Pearl EarringPhotography by Lucy Alcorn.


The brand’s creations are a testament to the intersection of cultural influences, resulting in jewellery that is both distinctive and socially responsible. Turn every head you walk past in their droplet earrings (Bottega, who?), hammered earrings and Y2K-friendly birthstone rings, all for under $500. 

Our Pick: Aura Two-tone Citrine Ring , $149.00 

Source: https://en-route.com.au/

Katie-Marie Thorpe - 24 January, 2024


February 06, 2024 — Joanne Tory