Discover chunky gold earrings, sophisticated pearl rings & more trending styles with Najo jewellery

Najo is the ideal choice for those who appreciate exceptional design and unparalled craftsmanship in their jewellery. Known for its unconventional yet timeless appeal, the Australian jewellery brand offers the perfect gifts or keepsakes for treating yourself.
The stunning Najo jewellery collection features sterling silver, yellow and rose gold, pearls and gemstones. Najo's earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are designed in Sydney and ethically handcrafted by artisans in Italy, India, Thailand and Mexico.
As we embrace new jewellery trends for 2023, join us in exploring the dazzling Najo jewellery pieces that have captured our attention, and tap the images to shop them now.

Bold & Chunky Adornments

Make a statement with Najo's eye-catching, chunky jewellery that goes great with casual and dressier attire.

Mixed Metal Jewellery

Mix together silver, gold, and rose gold jewellery pieces for a fresh and contemporary look that's distinctively Najo.

Exquisite Pearls & Gemstones

Add a touch of sophistication and colour to your wardrobe with Najo's exquisite pearl and gemstone jewellery designs. If you're looking for bridal jewellery, the pearl styles are a perfect match. Shop these looks & discover more fashion-forward jewellery inspiration at


Now To Love - 8 June, 2023

December 08, 2023 — Joanne Tory
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Jo Tory

Born in Australia, Jo Tory is proud to be one of the country’s pioneering female jewellery founders. She has been our Creative Director since NAJO’s formation, steering the company to be one of Australia’s most successful fine jewellery brands today. Jo also sits on the Jewellers Association of Australia’s Board of Directors, where she actively promotes the highest standards and ethics within the Australian jewellery industry.