The 29 pieces of costume jewellery that pull any outfit together.

Welcome to Leigh's List. A weekly column, a bit like an agony aunt, but for your shopping woes. A self-confessed shopping addict, Leigh Campbell enjoys nothing more than hunting down the *thing* you've been searching for but haven't been able to find.

Nicky asked:

I'd love some suggestions for nice 'costume' jewellery. I have a few pieces of fine jewellery, such as my wedding and engagement ring, but want a few extra items that can give a bit of personality to my wardrobe.

I've had a look at a few really affordable stores in the shopping centre, but also want items that will last. What brand or styles should I be looking at?

While you're here, try out these cheap jewellery hacks.

Leigh answered:

Ohhhhh, I love jewellery. The reason being it always fits, doesn't need dry cleaning and you can never have too much of it. I also agree that fine jewellery is lovely, but pricey, so some more affordable options are great to have on rotation so you don't get bored.

Just remember to wear them! Get a jewellery box or display platter to put them on, somewhere in your bedroom so you'll remember to accessorise once you're dressed.

Cuffs and bangles.

I tend to only wear rings that are fine jewellery or solid gold – due to a lot of hand washing or sanitiser, other metals can tarnish. But other than that, there are so many great options for fun items to add to your collection.


Leigh Campbell - 27 June, 2023


September 20, 2023 — Joanne Tory
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