A Magical and Earthy Beachside Wedding
In New Zealand's Cloudy Bay

As pioneers in curating tailor-made hospitality experiences, Kristy Franks and Dave Mills, the visionaries behind Mills + Franks, celebrated their love with family and friends amid the stunning beauty of Marlborough, New Zealand.

Amidst the pristine landscapes of New Zealand's South Island lies a hidden gem — an enchanting place of natural beauty that would serve as the backdrop for an unforgettable day. Paripuma, nestled on the shores of Cloudy Bay, became the stage for a magical wedding celebration that perfectly captured the essence of this couple's story. 

The discovery of Paripuma was serendipitous. This haven was stumbled upon during the couple's first holiday together in the South Island. The drive, a winding path through majestic mountain ranges, led to a destination that felt like a secret escape, a slice of Tuscany transplanted to New Zealand's coastline.

"On first sight, we knew we would return to exchange our vows in this enchanting setting. Three years later, we got engaged and promptly secured our spot at Paripuma without hesitation."

Dave Mills

Choosing this venue was an easy decision, rooted in its unique attributes:

Unique Destination

Marlborough's charm extended far beyond its stunning beauty. It offered guests the opportunity for a complete weeklong vacation experience. The trek to the venue was a delightful surprise, an adventure through the region's scenic wonders that set the tone for the event.


Paripuma's exclusivity was a key factor. With a limited number of events hosted each year, the venue exuded an air of intimacy. The owners, Rosa and Mike, opened their hearts and home to the couple, creating a sense of belonging.


The wedding's culinary concept was a reflection of New Zealand's bounty. An exceptional chef curated a menu that showcased the region's flavours, creating a memorable dining experience that left guests raving.

The journey of the wedding week was a tapestry of meaningful moments:

The 'Hucks'

The pre-wedding revelries commenced with "The Hucks," a gathering that combined the traditional hens and bucks festivities. This celebration set the tone for the week.

The Welcome Event

At the Bell Tower at Dog Point Vineyard, the couple welcomed their guests with a picnic event featuring a grazing table of delicious foods and local wines. A perfect event for all guests to connect.

Bridesmaids Gifting

The bride's personalised gifting over breakfast of NAJO earrings to her bridesmaids created an intimate and heartfelt moment before the whirlwind of the wedding festivities. The choice of NAJO reflected the couple's values of craftsmanship and sustainability, aligning perfectly with the uniqueness of each bridesmaid.

"NAJO is special to us as the jewellery is beautifully crafted, and their brand story and sustainability values really align with us. NAJO does an incredible job at crafting unique pieces that are timeless, which is a core theme and value for me as the bride.

I wanted to gift my bridesmaids something that was unique to them, that told a story and that felt like it was a true reflection of their individual style.  As the girls wore strapless dresses, I opted to choose earrings for them to wear on the wedding day.

Everything from choosing the pieces to the buying journey through to the detailed packaging, it was such a high valued experience from purchase to a humble gift exchange."

Kristy Mills-Franks

The Ceremony

An intimate ceremony in the Courtyard, welcomed guests to a day of joy and love. The Tuscan-style ambience of the venue enhanced the experience, creating an intimate atmosphere for the exchange of vows. Breaking away from convention, the couple transformed the usual front lawn ceremony into an astonishing Courtyard affair. Guests entered, greeted by the embrace of Italy's charm.

The Wedding Day

For Kristy and Dave, the heart of their celebration lay in crafting an extraordinary culinary odyssey, complete with a Champagne Wall, harmoniously intertwined with a vibrant ambience. New Zealand's illustrious wine collection took centre stage, delighting every palate with a symphony of flavours.

Special Moments

Throughout the day, carefully planned details added layers of charm. From the cake cutting against a stunning backdrop to intimate speeches that resonated deeply, each element was thoughtfully designed to create a unique and memorable experience. The couple's essence seeped into every moment on the day. Atop the stairs, against a backdrop that could rival the grandest of stages, the couple captured this sweet memory. 


Knowing that lengthy orations often lose their magic, they curated an experience that was as much heart as it was words. Quality, sentiment, and brevity merged as the mothers, the maid of honour, and the best man each wove their tales. A joint speech between the bride and groom bridged connections and shared emotions.


Photography, too, found its moment of candid artistry, capturing the couple amidst Paripuma's stunning vistas. There was no fuss, no orchestrated poses, just the gentle magic of being themselves. Down by the beach, with Inlighten Photography behind the lens, their unique bond shone, capturing a love story that unfolded as nature intended.


A celebration for all ages, this soirée seamlessly blended sophistication with family-friendly charm, offering garden games and dedicated children's havens. As the sun gracefully descended, a captivating 'Afterparty' commenced, with DJ Jay Smalls on the decks. For the Afterparty, the bride switched up her party look to NAJO's Fern Pearl Earring.

First "Last Dance"

An untraditional approach to the first dance saw the couple sharing a "last dance" with all their guests. A remix of 'Praise You' by Fat Boy Slim surged through the night, a rhapsody of unity and celebration. This final dance was a celebration of unity and joy, a perfect way to close the night.

The Recovery

A relaxed recovery session with a coffee cart and pastries allowed for heartfelt goodbyes and final moments of celebration.

Through these carefully orchestrated moments, the couple's wedding became more than a celebration; it was a moment of discovery and connection. Against the backdrop of New Zealand's natural wonders, their love story unfolded in an intimate tapestry of moments that will be cherished forever. This was no ordinary wedding; it was a testament to the couple's distinctive journey and a paragon of what happens when love meets the extraordinary.



Jo Tory

Born in Australia, Jo Tory is proud to be one of the country’s pioneering female jewellery founders. She has been our Creative Director since NAJO’s formation, steering the company to be one of Australia’s most successful fine jewellery brands today. Jo also sits on the Jewellers Association of Australia’s Board of Directors, where she actively promotes the highest standards and ethics within the Australian jewellery industry.