The Christmas Gift Guide

NAJO’s Christmas jewellery collection steeps your look in glittering seasonal magic. 

Bold and contemporary glamour hoops mingle with sparkling Italian bracelets and festive green gemstones hand-cut by our Jaipur artisans. Each beautiful design weaves a story of myth, symbolism or nature to impart a message or celebrate the unique journey of its wearer. Whether treating yourself or buying for someone special, your NAJO jewellery arrives elegantly presented in our complimentary 100% beautiful and recyclable gift box.


For the Confident Individual

If they love to express themselves in statement jewellery, choose a sculptural creation imbued with meaning. These eye-catching pieces walk the line between unconventionality and timelessness in bold, contemporary style. 


For the Timeless and Classic

If they prefer elegant and classic jewellery, treat them to a timeless piece they’ll wear forever. Our NAJO Signature creations are long-time bestsellers, individually handcrafted by our silversmiths across the globe.


For the Feminine and Sweet

If they wear low-key yet feminine jewellery, gift them an elegant little creation they’ll wear on high rotation. These gorgeous pieces blend unique designs with texture or details to emit light-diffusing energy. 

Christmas Gifts For the

Avid Ring Stackers

Fluid and sculptural or tactile and playful, NAJO rings tell stories of nature’s beauty, friendship and love. If they’re a collector of statement rings, you’ll find the perfect present for them in this Christmas Edit of our bestselling creations. 

Christmas Gifts For

Those who Wrap in Chains

Imbued with beauty and meaning, a chain gift speaks a thousand words. Find the perfect present in this special Christmas Edit featuring our most stylish and versatile Italian-handcrafted chains. 

Christmas Gifts For the

Earring Collectors

Whether they prefer fluid drops, sculptural huggies or feminine studs, you’ll find the perfect presents in our Christmas Earring Edit. Explore the inspiration and stories behind each pair to infuse your gifts with extra meaning.

Christmas Gifts For the

Bangle Lovers

A NAJO bangle gift enables them to express themselves creatively and beautifully while thinking of you. Explore the stories behind each design and find the perfect present in this beautiful Christmas Bangle Edit.


For the Silver Hunter-Gatherers

Collectors of sterling silver jewellery will revel in the harmonious feel of our signature design aesthetic. Each hallmarked creation is handcrafted with integrity to magnify the metal’s beauty. Find their perfect gift in this Christmas Silver Edit, featuring our bestselling designs.


For Golden Glamour Girls

These dreamy designs are the perfect gifts for lovers of lustrous gold. Find the perfect present in our special Gold Christmas Edit, brimming with sculptural creations.


For those Drawn to the Water

The sculptural aesthetic of these signature pieces flows like water to create the most stunning looks. If they’re a water lover, find their heavenly jewellery match in this unique Water Jewellery Edit.

Christmas Gifts For the

Sentimental Storytellers

Explore the story, inspiration, reminder or meaning behind these stunning NAJO designs to send an unforgettable message. Our silver jewellery alchemists handcraft each creation using skills passed down from generation to generation.

Christmas Gifts For the

Stylish and Understated

Our minimalist yet empowering jewellery designs are perfect for those who exude effortless style. Choose a fluid silhouette or an organic creation to make them look and feel beautiful.

Christmas Gifts For the

Flower Lovers

Elegant botanical jewellery exudes femininity and style. If they’re a nature lover, treat them to an evocative floral creation inspired by the beauty around us. 


For those who Love to Sparkle

From twinkling chains to shimmering gems – our Christmas Sparkle Edit exudes timeless glamour. They’re the perfect presents for those who love sculptural jewellery with a glimmering edge.


For Stocking Fillers & Secret Santas

Beautiful things really do come in smaller packages. If you’re looking for an exceptional stocking filler or Secret Santa gift, browse this budget-friendly NAJO Edit, brimming with little creations to delight. 


For the Stylish Travellers

You simply can’t go wrong with a luxurious NAJO jewellery box for the beautiful adventurer in your life. These elegant velvet travel boxes keep their jewellery treasures safe wherever they roam. 


For the Gemstone Magpies

A NAJO gemstone creation is always perfect for those who love bathing their look in beauty and colour. Our exquisite, responsibly-sourced gemstones are hand cut by master stonecutters in their family-run Jaipur studio. 


For the True Pearls

NAJO’s eternally feminine pearl creations are a stunning gift choice for the remarkable woman in your life. As symbols of purity, harmony and romance, pearls are both meaningful and gorgeous. 


For the Hard-To-Buy-Fors

Can’t decide which beautiful NAJO jewellery creation is right for them? Our eGift Cards let them select their perfect piece. Choose your denomination, write your special message, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Gift Wrapped in Beauty

Our new gift-wrapping option features a gorgeous keepsake box sealed with our silver monogram and wrapped in our exclusive eucalyptus-printed tissue paper.

Add your heartfelt personal gift message, and we’ll handwrite it beautifully on a NAJO card. Gift-wrapped orders with no personal message receive a thoughtfully crafted note from Jo Tory.


The Christmas Collection


Christmas Gift FAQs

What should I gift someone for Christmas?

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift involves capturing their essence. Opt for a piece of jewellery that reflects their personality and resonates with their style. A delicate pendant, a pair of elegant earrings, or a timeless bracelet can carry the essence of your thoughtfulness, allowing them to carry a piece of your affection wherever they go.

What to buy someone with everything?

For those who seemingly have everything, choose a gift that transcends material possessions. Our Christmas Collection offers a range of pieces that embody emotions, stories, and sentimentality. Opt for a piece that resonates with a special memory or shared experience. Alternatively, consider gifting a timeless classic, like a sleek silver bangle or a sophisticated cuff, allowing them to experience the joy of versatile elegance.

Is jewellery a good Christmas present?

Absolutely, jewellery makes for a wonderful Christmas present. It carries a sense of timelessness and sentimentality that can make the holiday season even more special. Whether it's a beautifully crafted necklace, a pair of elegant earrings, or a statement ring, jewellery has the power to convey love, thoughtfulness, and appreciation.

What kind of jewellery should I wear to a Christmas party?

A Christmas party calls for jewellery that captures the festive spirit while complementing your outfit. Opt for pieces that add a touch of elegance and sparkle. A statement necklace adorned with shimmering gemstones, elegant drop earrings, or a cocktail ring with a pop of colour can be perfect choices. Remember, the goal is to enhance your ensemble and reflect the joy of the season.

Are earrings a good Christmas present?

Earrings make an excellent Christmas present. They come in a variety of styles, from delicate studs to elaborate danglers, allowing you to choose a pair that suits the recipient's taste. Earrings are versatile and can be worn on various occasions, making them a thoughtful and practical gift. Whether you opt for classic pearls or contemporary designs, earrings are sure to bring a smile to their face during the holiday season.


Jo Tory

Born in Australia, Jo Tory is proud to be one of the country’s pioneering female jewellery founders. She has been our Creative Director since NAJO’s formation, steering the company to be one of Australia’s most successful fine jewellery brands today. Jo also sits on the Jewellers Association of Australia’s Board of Directors, where she actively promotes the highest standards and ethics within the Australian jewellery industry.