NAJO’s Christmas jewellery collection steeps your look in glittering seasonal magic.

Bold and contemporary glamour hoops mingle with sparkling Italian bracelets and festive green gemstones hand-cut by our Jaipur artisans. Each beautiful design weaves a story of myth, symbolism or nature to impart a message or celebrate the unique journey of its wearer. Whether treating yourself or buying for someone special, your NAJO jewellery arrives elegantly presented in our complimentary 100% beautiful and recyclable gift box.


Our exquisite new green onyx creations celebrate nature’s prime colour to evoke harmony, tranquillity and peace. This rich, deep-green gemstone is a powerful heart stone said to bring its wearer to a calm emotional state. A stone of confidence, green onyx is recommended for public speakers, actors and those who need to believe in themselves.

We’re proud to debut this verdant gemstone in our NAJO jewellery designs. Each raw stone is ethically sourced, then carefully hand-shaped and polished by our artisan stonecutters in Jaipur.



In the heart of Italy’s Vincenza province lies a family-run workshop specialising in some of the world’s most aesthetically-beautiful chains. It’s here that Luigi and his team of artisans have been bringing our designs to life for over 20 years.

Our exquisite diamond-cut Radiance chains emit a glittering light thanks to the careful faceting applied around every link. Each is a masterpiece, crafted with integrity to enhance your natural beauty.



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