How To Choose The Right Necklace Length

Choosing the perfect necklace length is a blend of personal style and subtle art—where simplicity meets sophistication. With an array of lengths, from the snug collar to the elegantly draping lariat, each necklace tells its own unique, crafted story. But how does one select the ideal length? It might appear daunting, but it's a journey we will confidently navigate together.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the essence of female necklace lengths, how they harmonise with your unique attributes and style, and share timeless tips for layering and customisation. With this uncluttered understanding, you'll be empowered to select a necklace chain length that not only accentuates your beauty but also adds a refined touch to your overall ensemble.

Understanding Lengths Of Necklaces

Understanding standard necklace lengths and where they fall on the body is key to selecting the perfect adornment for any attire. Each necklace length tells a different story and creates a unique silhouette against your outfit.

Necklace Glossary

Collar (30-35 cm)

The collar style is the shortest and fits closely around the middle of the neck. It's an ideal choice for off-shoulder, boat neck, or v-neck clothing that leaves your neck bare.

Choker (35-40 cm)

A choker rests just above the collarbone, providing a slightly looser fit than the collar. This versatile length complements many outfit styles and necklines.

Princess (45-50 cm)

The princess length is a popular choice and hangs over the collarbone, with the end typically extending down to the heart. This length works well with almost any attire.

Matinee (55-60 cm)

Falling between the princess and the opera length, the matinee necklace creates a fashion-forward statement. It's best for business attire and casual wear.

Opera (70-85 cm)

The opera length offers a touch of high elegance. It falls below the bust and can be doubled for a two-strand choker. Opera length necklaces pair beautifully with high necklines or evening wear.

Rope/Lariat (Over 114 cm)

The longest of standard lengths, rope or lariat necklaces provide a bold fashion statement. They can be doubled or tripled for layered styling, or knotted for a chic look.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Different Necklace Lengths

Personal Style

Your jewellery should be a reflection of you, and the length of your necklace plays a significant role in this. For those who lean towards a classic and timeless style, a princess length necklace might be your go-to, while those who prefer a bold, avant-garde look might opt for an opera or rope length. Moreover, consider the occasion. Collar or choker lengths might be suitable for a cocktail party, while a matinee or princess length could be a good fit for everyday office wear.

Body Type

Your body type can also influence your necklace chain length. Neck width, bust size, and torso length can all play a part in how a necklace fits and looks on you. If you have a wider neck or larger bust, you may find that longer lengths (like the matinee or opera) are more proportionate and comfortable. Conversely, if you have a smaller bust or a longer torso, shorter lengths (like the collar or choker) might sit better.

Face Shape

The length of your necklace can also help balance and accentuate your facial features. For example, longer necklaces can elongate a round face, while shorter lengths like chokers can soften a more angular face shape. A princess length necklace, sitting just below the throat, can draw attention to the jawline and can be flattering for those with heart-shaped faces.

Clothing Necklines

The neckline of your clothing can dictate the visibility and impact of your necklace. A collar or choker necklace pairs well with strapless or off-the-shoulder tops, drawing attention to the neck and shoulders. A v-neck top works beautifully with a princess length necklace, which follows the v-line. Higher necklines like turtlenecks look good with longer lengths like opera or rope necklaces that can hang over the fabric.

Understanding these factors and how they influence your choice of necklace length will allow you to make confident decisions, ensuring your necklace not only complements your personal style, but also harmonises with your body and outfit.

Tips and Tricks for Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces is a fantastic way to make a unique fashion statement. It’s all about pairing different lengths to create an ensemble that expresses your individuality. Start with a base, maybe a choker or a collar necklace that sits close to your neck. Follow this up with a princess length that just grazes your collarbone, and finally complete the look with a matinee or an opera length, cascading down to your chest or below. The beauty of this approach is that each necklace gets its own space to shine, and the different lengths create a visually pleasing tiered effect that adds depth and complexity to your look.If you want a more in depth guide on how to layer necklaces, check out our blog post.

It's essential to remember that there is no 'one size fits all' in fashion - especially when it comes to necklace lengths. What works best for you will depend on a range of factors, including your personal style, body type, face shape, and the kind of look you're aiming for. But no matter what, the most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable in your choice. So, don't be afraid to experiment, to try out different lengths and combinations until you find the one that tells your style story the best.

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What are the standard lengths for necklaces?
  • Collar (30-35 cm): A collar necklace fits tightly around the neck and is often made up of several strands.

  • Choker (35-40 cm): A choker is slightly longer than a collar and rests at the base of the neck.

  • Princess (45-50 cm): A princess necklace is longer still, typically landing just below the throat at the collarbone. This length is among the most common for necklaces.

  • Matinee (55-60 cm): A matinee length necklace usually rests at or just above the bust.

  • Opera (70-85 cm): An opera length necklace extends to the sternum or breastbone. It can be worn as a single strand or doubled to create a layered effect.

  • Rope or Lariat (over 114 cm): The longest of standard necklace lengths, a rope or lariat necklace often drapes down below the waist. This versatile length can be worn as a single long strand, doubled, or even tripled to create a layered look.
What is the most flattering necklace length?

The most flattering necklace length varies from person to person because it largely depends on personal style, body type, neck length, and face shape. However, the 'Princess length', which is about 18-20 inches or 45-50 cm, is often considered to be universally flattering. This length usually falls just below the throat at the collarbone, which tends to work well with most necklines and clothing styles.

How do I choose a flattering necklace length?

Here are a few general tips to help you choose a flattering necklace length:

  • Body Type: For those with a larger body type, longer necklaces - such as the 'opera' or 'matinee' lengths - can help elongate the figure. For petite body types, shorter lengths like the 'princess' can be more proportionate.

  • Neck Length and Width: If you have a short neck, longer necklace lengths can help create the illusion of length. If your neck is longer, you have more flexibility but might want to avoid chokers as they could overemphasise neck length. For wider necks, longer lengths are often more flattering, while narrow necks can carry off chokers and shorter lengths well.

  • Face Shape: The length of your necklace can also help balance the shape of your face. For example, longer necklaces can elongate a round face, while shorter lengths like chokers can soften the angles of a square or rectangular face.

Remember, these are just guidelines. The most important factor in choosing a necklace is that you feel confident and comfortable wearing it.


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