How To Style Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery, with its timeless appeal, offers endless versatility for styling across all occasions. From the simple elegance of a chain necklace that complements the daily ensemble to the bold statement pieces that elevate an evening gown, silver accessories are staple to any wardrobe. Whether you're accessorising for a casual weekend or adding a touch of chic to your workwear, silver jewellery adapts to tell your unique story while maintaining a refined and confident edge. If you’ve ever wondered ‘how to style silver jewellery?’, NAJO’s silver jewellery style guide has got you covered. 

Basic Guidelines for How To Style Silver Jewellery

Consider Your Skin Tone

Identifying Your Undertones

When styling silver jewellery, start by determining your skin's undertones for the best match. Warm undertones, typically accompanied by greenish veins and a golden hue to the skin, and cool undertones, revealed through bluish veins and a pink or bluish tint to the skin, interact uniquely with silver. Undertaking this discovery allows for a harmonious and complementary dialogue between the jewellery and the wearer, enhancing natural beauty and creating a cohesive aesthetic.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Choosing the Right Shade of Silver

Silver, though seemingly straightforward, arrives in a spectrum of shades, from bright, highly polished silver to antiqued and oxidised versions. Bright, polished silver tends to be universally flattering, lending a fresh and modern appeal. Alternatively, antiqued silver may present a vintage, timeless aura, often complementing warmer or darker skin tones or accommodating a more traditional or nostalgic style preference.

Mixing Metals: Do's and Don'ts

When mixing metals in jewellery, aim for balance. Choose pieces that either blend smoothly or contrast sharply for impact. Ensure each piece relates in theme, avoiding a mismatched look.

Keeping it Simple vs. Making a Statement

When contemplating between simplicity and boldness, let the occasion, outfit, and personal style guide the choice. Simple silver jewellery, with its clean charm, can gracefully elevate an outfit without overpowering it, providing a subtle, refined accent. Conversely, making a statement with bold or chunky pieces becomes a focal point, exuding confidence and personality, creating an unforgettable impression.

Ensuring Jewellery is Appropriate for the Occasion

Be it a laid-back social gathering, an elegant evening event, or a formal corporate meeting, the chosen silver pieces should be in harmony with the atmosphere and expected etiquette of the event. Delicate, subtle pieces often lend themselves to formal or professional settings, while more elaborate or playful items find a home in casual or festive occasions. Every piece should weave seamlessly into the fabric of the occasion, contributing to a harmoniously styled appearance.

How To Style  Silver Jewellery for Different Outfits

Casual Wear

Jeans and T-shirt

The classic jeans and T-shirt combo, a staple in casual wear, offers a vast canvas for silver jewellery styling. Dainty silver necklaces, minimalist bracelets, or subtle stud earrings can add a hint of polished charm without detracting from the relaxed vibe. Alternatively, a bold silver statement necklace or chunky bangle can elevate the simple ensemble, providing a focal point and infusing a dash of personality and chic into the effortless look.


Casual Dresses

When adorned with silver jewellery, casual dresses gain an additional layer of aesthetic appeal. A long, layered silver necklace can add depth and interest to a plain dress, while silver hoop earrings might offer a playful yet polished edge. Depending on the dress’s neckline and colour, the choice of silver pieces can either blend seamlessly or stand out, creating a uniquely curated casual look.

Casual Wear

Sporty Looks

Silver can be integrated into sporty looks without disrupting the active vibe. Small silver accents, like tiny pendants, slim bracelets, or petite earrings, can add a gleaming touch that is subtle yet appreciatively upscale, navigating the fine line between being sporty and stylized effectively.

Work Attire

Suits and Blazers

In a professional setting encapsulated by suits and blazers, silver jewellery should underscore sophistication and restraint. Think of elegant cufflinks, delicate brooches, or a refined necklace peeking subtly beneath a blouse. These pieces should communicate professionalism and attentiveness, augmenting the formal attire without overpowering it.

Work Attire

Work Dresses

A well-chosen silver accessory can elevate work dresses, threading a needle between professionalism and fashion-forward thinking. Delicate silver chains, classic bracelets, or subtle earrings can add a polished, cohesive feel to the work attire, ensuring visual interest while maintaining a respectably formal demeanour.

Formal Wear

Evening Gowns

Pairing silver jewellery with evening gowns demands a harmonious balance that considers the gown’s design, colour, and the event's grandeur. Chandelier earrings or a statement necklace can serve as magnificent focal points against simpler gown designs, while intricate dresses might call for more understated silver pieces, ensuring a balanced and gracefully opulent look..

Formal Wear

Cocktail Dresses

Styling silver with cocktail dresses allows for a slightly playful yet elegant approach. A bold silver cuff, layered bracelets, or a striking cocktail ring might infuse a dash of vivacity and personality into the look. Here, the silver jewellery can either harmonise with the dress, creating a unified colour palette, or introduce a contrasting element, sparking visual intrigue and elevating the overall ensemble.

In all these styling scenarios, silver jewellery, with its timeless allure and versatile charm, navigates through various outfits and occasions, consistently offering opportunities to enhance, elevate, and express personal style within diverse contexts.

Cleaning & Caring For Your Silver Jewellery

Caring for silver jewellery necessitates strategic practices in storage, cleaning, and restoration to maintain its pristine condition and longevity. Ensuring tarnish-free storage involves utilising anti-tarnish materials and isolating pieces to prevent scratches and tangling. Regular, gentle cleaning, occasionally supplemented by professional services, safeguards its lustre and prevents detrimental build-up.

For antique or damaged items, professional repair and restoration services are crucial to preserve their aesthetic and historical value, allowing the silver pieces to sustain their beauty and significance through time. Consequently, a thoughtful approach to the care of silver jewellery ensures it can be cherished and enjoyed through successive generations.

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Can you mix and wear silver and gold jewellery together?

Successfully blending silver and gold jewellery involves a mindful approach towards balance, style, and personal expression. Ensuring an equal and harmonious display of both metals, perhaps even using two-tone pieces, creates a cohesive aesthetic, while maintaining a consistent theme or design keeps the look unified. Opting for neutral outfit colours and being mindful of your skin's undertones can enhance the appeal of mixed metals. Furthermore, incorporating various textures and ensuring that at least some elements (like set pieces) match or complement each other can offer an additional layer of sophistication. Ultimately, while appreciating and experimenting with trends, wearing your mixed-metal jewellery with confidence and a sense of personal style is paramount.

It's also crucial to consider the occasion and your face shape when selecting pieces; minimalist jewellery suits professional settings, whereas bolder pieces shine in social scenarios. Earrings, especially, should complement the contours of your face. Lastly, remember the timeless advice: less is often more. Sometimes, a single, standout piece can speak volumes, making you feel both confident and effortlessly chic.

What looks good with a silver necklace?

A silver necklace offers versatile styling options, beautifully complementing cool and contrasting colours, and can be paired harmoniously with various outfits, from casual wear to formal attire. It often pairs well with similar metal jewellery and can stand out against both dark hair and various necklines. Whether adorned with gemstones for a pop of colour or layered in varied styles and lengths, a silver necklace can gracefully accentuate looks for numerous occasions. Ultimately, the ensemble's success lies in confident wear and a reflection of your personal style.

What colour does a silver chain go with?

Silver chains offer a versatile accessory, beautifully harmonising with a wide spectrum of colours across various attire. Traditionally, they stand out against dark colours like black, while also enhancing cool tones such as blue, grey, and white, and adding a refined touch to neutral and earthy palettes. Silver can provide a striking contrast against bold and vibrant colours, like red, while softly complementing pastel shades and adding an elegant touch to monochromatic looks. Whether seamlessly blending with metallic shades, gently adorning pastel hues, or providing a subtle elegance to patterned outfits, silver chains find their place across varied colour schemes and styles, ultimately being a canvas for personal expression in fashion. Always prioritise your unique style and comfort when integrating silver into your wardrobe.

How do you make sterling silver look worn?

To give sterling silver a worn look, initially, ensure the piece is cleaned and you're equipped with safety gear (gloves and goggles) in a well-ventilated area. Utilise a liver of sulphur solution to oxidise the silver, observing closely until it reaches the desired darkened shade, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Gently rub away some of the oxidation using fine steel wool or a polishing cloth, focusing on natural wear areas like edges and raised details to create an authentic aged appearance. Neutralise any remaining oxidising solution and provide additional polishing using a baking soda paste, rinsing and drying thoroughly afterward. Throughout the process, work cautiously, focusing on achieving a genuine, naturally worn aesthetic, and always prioritise safety when handling chemicals.


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