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Whether you've been married for just over a year or you’re heading to your 50th anniversary, jewellery is almost a fail-safe gift to give the special person in your life. With each anniversary, your relationship grows stronger, and NAJO is there every step of the way to ensure you’ll always find something special for each year of love.

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First Anniversary Jewellery

Gold is the traditional jewellery metal to mark the first anniversary. This prized metal represents the strength, prosperity, and significance of your marriage.

If you're looking for the perfect golden wedding anniversary gift ideas, explore our collection of gold plated earrings and rings. We have plenty of gold options, such as traditional yellow gold or even rose gold, to mark your first year together.

25th Anniversary Jewellery

For hundreds of years, silver has been the choice metal to mark 25 years of marriage. NAJO offers sterling silver jewellery that symbolises "harmony" — perfect anniversary jewellery for her on your 25th wedding anniversary.

Choose from our silver rings, necklaces, and earrings, like hoops, studs, huggies, and statement pieces, or combine several pieces to create a special anniversary kit. You can also personalise your gift with a message to make it extra special.

30th Anniversary Jewellery

Pearl is the perfect jewellery to mark three decades together as it symbolises the beauty in a marriage created and matured over the years. From pearl event earrings to stunning necklaces, our collection offers exquisite pearl-inspired jewellery to celebrate a never-ending love and many more years of companionship.

Contact us today to find your perfect anniversary gift. Explore our pendant earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made from Australia’s finest gems.


Is jewellery a good gift for an anniversary?

Yes, jewellery is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for an anniversary. It symbolises the enduring love and commitment between partners and serves as a reminder of cherished memories and milestones shared throughout the years.

What styles of anniversary jewellery does NAJO offer?

NAJO’s anniversary jewellery collection features beautiful pieces crafted from metals such as gold, silver, and pearl-inspired designs for specific milestone anniversaries like the first year, 25th year, and 30th year. Explore our range of bracelets, necklaces, ear cuffs, and earrings for sensitive ears.

How do I choose the perfect anniversary jewellery?

When selecting anniversary jewellery, consider your partner's style, the significance of the milestone, as well as the symbolism associated with certain metals or gemstones. Choose a piece that resonates with your partner and reflects the love and commitment you share.

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