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NAJO offers a world-class collection of handcrafted women’s two-tone rings that embrace the interplay of different hues and metals. Our skilled artisans use only the finest Australian gemstones, paying meticulous attention to beauty and detail to create outstanding pieces.

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Two-Tone Rings in Australia

NAJO’s two-tone rings for women command attention — their contrasting hues captivate the eye as they tell a story of master craftsmanship. Our collection includes two-tone quartz rings, two-tone Aquamarine rings, onyx, and pearl rings.

Whether you’re the playful bohemian layering mismatched bands or the minimalist stacking sleek sterling silver rings, we offer something special for every woman.

Styling Two-Tone Rings

Wearing two-tone rings is one of the easiest ways to create a stylish and versatile look.

Consider pairing your two-tone ring with other jewellery pieces, such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. If you're wearing other jewellery made of different metals, ensure there's some coordination to maintain a cohesive look. NAJO’s two-tone rings are suitable for both formal and casual settings. Don a two-tone rose gold ring for a touch of elegance, or layer liberally for a symphony of clashing textures and metals.

Caring for Your Two-Tone Rings

While we offer the highest-quality rings made from the finest materials, a little care goes a long way to keep your rings pristine for years to come. Clean each metal separately based on its specific requirements. Use a warm, soapy water solution for white and yellow gold — platinum and silver may require special polishing cloths. Gentle steam cleaning can also be effective for removing buildup without harsh chemicals. Just be sure to hold the ring at a safe distance and avoid prolonged exposure. Contact us to find the perfect two-tone ring that tells your story.


What does two-tone ring mean?

A two-tone ring features two different metals in its design. This combination often involves contrasting colours like white and yellow gold or rose gold and silver.

The fusion of two metals adds depth and visual interest to the ring, creating a stylish and versatile piece that complements a variety of jewellery styles.

What does 2 rings together mean?

Two rings worn together can have different meanings depending on your style. It could symbolise a special relationship such as marriage or a bond between two people. Some people also wear two rings together for aesthetic reasons — to create a layered look for a more personalised style.

What type of women’s two-tone rings does NAJO offer?

We offer a stunning collection of two-tone quartz rings, aquamarine rings, onyx rings, pearl rose gold rings, and many more. Other rings in our collection include timeless gold rings, simple plain rings, classic thumb rings, pinky rings, and plus-size rings.

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