DIVINE is a heavenly collection of sterling silver jewellery with beauty and soul inspired by nature’s artistry. Each individually handcrafted piece is responsibly made by our skilled artisans to magnify the inherent beauty of silver. With rich gold plating, sculptural shapes, ethereal hues, and meaningful gemstones – DIVINE’s exquisite pieces give you a potent dose of empowering energy that comes from feeling stylish and beautiful.

Join us as Anna Morwood, NAJO Product Developer explains her favourite pieces from the new collection.


Nature is a large source of inspiration for NAJO, what part of the natural world inspired Divine?

"Sunlight, the rays of the sun, imagining yourself bathed in beautiful sunshine. We want women to feel the same way when they wear their Najo jewellery, beautiful and powerful."

There are mini-collections within Divine, did this happen organically?

"Yes, it happens organically – we start with a piece or a small collection and grow from there over about 12 months. We develop complementary pieces and sets that work together as a collection of around 70-100 pieces and aim to offer a variety of styles, i.e., plain silver, two-tone, stone-set, chain, etc. so that it will appeal to a range of tastes."

What is your favourite mini collection? 

"Definitely the Raya collection – I love its simple sophistication and it is a look that I would wear myself."

What design do you think is the most successful within the collection? 

"I think the Raya Baton earrings and pendants is the most successful – they have a clean, classic design and follow on from our very successful Weeping Widow and My Silent Tears collections."

What is your favourite Bracelet/Bangle, Earring, Necklace and Ring design from the new collection?

Bangle: Raya Cuff (looks great paired with the matching rings)  Earring: Heavenly Turquoise Earring (It’s hard to beat gold and turquoise together)  Necklace: Splash Gold Necklace (perfectly clean, classic and sophisticated)  Ring: Raya Bands (look great stacked together combining silver and gold) 

There are a variety of gemstones used in the Divine Collection, why did you pick those particular gemstones (Aqua Chalcedony, Onyx, Moonstone and Pearl)?

All these stones have been successful for us in previous collections and as we approach the warmer months people are drawn to the summery tones of chalcedony, moonstone and pearl.

Does the design evolve from the chosen gemstone or do you design a piece first and see how a gemstone can be included?

It can work either way – sometimes we’ll choose the stones first and design a collection to showcase them and at other times we know what design we want and then look for stones to best suit the design.

What do you think NAJO customers will love most about the new collection?

Najo fans should be happy because the clean, classic design they expect from the brand has been delivered in the DIVINE collection.