How To Choose Jewellery

Explore NAJO’s ultimate jewellery style guide: master pairing, embrace timeless elegance, and find your unique style.

In the pristine realm of fashion, where every detail speaks volumes, jewellery stands as the subtle punctuation that completes the sentence of style. With a simplicity that's never stark and an elegance that transcends time, each piece carries with it a story—organic in its origins, yet meticulously crafted to perfection.

Just as a story captivates with its confident narrative, the right jewellery boldly empowers every ensemble. It's more than just accessorising; it's an art. An art of complimenting, of narrating, and of showcasing. If you’ve ever wondered how to wear jewellery to compliment your look, dive into this jewellery style guide and discover the delicate dance between the outfit and its accompanying jewels. 

Understanding the Basics of Jewellery Matching

When curating an ensemble, maintaining equilibrium between your jewellery and clothing ensures neither overshadows the other. Instead, they should work harmoniously, accentuating and elevating each other.

Delicate Jewellery for Intricate Outfits

Complementing Details: If your outfit boasts intricate embroidery, lacework, or detailed patterns, delicate jewellery can complement without causing visual clutter. Think thin chain necklaces, dainty rings, or tiny stud earrings.

Preserving the Outfit's Narrative: Detailed outfits often tell a story of craftsmanship and design. By opting for subtle jewellery, you allow the outfit's narrative to shine through, while still adding a touch of sparkle.

Statement Pieces for Simple Outfits

Boldly Speaking: A plain or monochromatic outfit serves as an ideal canvas for bold jewellery. This is your chance to wear that chunky necklace, oversized earrings, or a dramatic cuff bracelet.

Creating Focal Points: Statement pieces draw attention. By pairing them with simple outfits, you intentionally direct the gaze to these standout pieces, making them conversation starters.

Colour Coordination: Navigating the Spectrum of Style

The dance between the colours of your outfit and jewellery is crucial in creating a cohesive and appealing look.

Matching Metals to Your Outfit's colour Palette

Warm vs. Cool: Warm-toned outfits (like oranges, reds, browns) harmonise with gold, copper, or bronze jewellery. In contrast, cool-toned outfits (blues, greens, greys) pair beautifully with silver or white gold pieces.

Neutral Ground: For neutral outfits (white, black, beige), both gold and silver can work, giving you flexibility in your jewellery choices.

Playing with Contrasting colours

The Pop Effect: A turquoise necklace against a coral dress or ruby earrings with a green top can create striking visual interest, making both the outfit and the jewellery pop.

Guided by the colour Wheel: For inspiration on contrast, the colour wheel can be an excellent guide. colours opposite each other often create captivating contrasts.

Neckline and Jewellery Pairing: Framing Your Face Perfectly

Your outfit's neckline is more than just a design element; it’s a guidepost for choosing the ideal jewellery.

V-necks with Pendant Necklaces

Leading the Eye: pendant necklace can seamlessly follow the V shape, leading the eye downwards and elongating the neck. The pendant's size can vary based on the depth of the V.

Avoiding Clutter: It's usually best to avoid layered necklaces or chokers with V-necks, as they can disrupt the flow of the design.

Off-shoulders with Statement Earrings

Bare Beauty: With the shoulders bare, drawing attention to the neck and face with statement earrings can be stunning. Think long drop earrings or oversized hoops.

Necklaces in Moderation: If you opt for a necklace with an off-shoulder outfit, ensure it's subtle, letting the earrings take centre stage.

Crewnecks with Short Necklaces or Chokers

Embracing the Space: Crewnecks offer a broad canvas, which is ideal for chokers or short necklaces. These can fill the space, creating a balanced look.

Layering Opportunity: Depending on the crewneck's width, layered necklaces of varying lengths can also add depth and interest.

In the art of dressing, it's the delicate interplay of clothing and jewellery that crafts the final masterpiece. Understanding these nuances allows you to create looks that resonate with style, grace, and intentionality.

Jewellery Style Guide for Different Occasions


When it comes to casual attire, the beauty often lies in the effortless elegance it exudes. Such outfits are like blank canvases, allowing for a touch of personal style without overwhelming the senses. Here's how you can accentuate that laid-back look with the right jewellery:

Subtle Staples: Studs and Simple Bracelets

The Charm of Studs: Whether you're donning a pair of jeans with a t-shirt or a breezy summer dress, studs can be the perfect companions. They offer a hint of shine without stealing the show, seamlessly blending with any casual ensemble. From classic diamond or pearl studs to quirky geometric shapes, there's a world of minimalistic designs waiting to be explored.

Simplicity of Bracelets: A slender bracelet, whether in silver, gold, or a pop of colour, can be the finishing touch to a casual outfit. Think of it as a quiet statement piece, adding charm to your wrist without overshadowing your attire.

The Art of Layering Delicate Necklaces
  • Mastering the Multi-Strand: Layering necklaces is akin to weaving a story around your neck. Start with the longest, most understated piece as your base. From there, add shorter necklaces, ensuring each one complements the others in style and length. It's all about creating harmony.

  • Mixing Materials and Textures: While gold on gold or silver on silver has its appeal, don’t shy away from mixing metals. Incorporating different textures, from smooth chains to beaded designs, adds depth and interest to the ensemble.

  • Pendant Play: Incorporate pendants of varying sizes and designs in your layering. A single, delicate pendant can act as the focal point, while smaller, spaced out charms can add a playful touch.

In essence, with casual outfits, the jewellery mantra leans towards 'less is more.' But with the right pieces and a dash of creativity, even the most understated accessories can elevate your everyday style.

Business or Professional Outfits

Conveying Sophistication and Elegance

In the realm of professional attire, striking the right balance between assertiveness and elegance is paramount. The goal is to project an image of competence and confidence, while also showcasing a touch of personal style. Here’s how jewellery can seamlessly align with this:

Timeless Classics: Pearls, Watches, and Diamond Studs
  • Pearls: Synonymous with sophistication, pearls are the quintessential jewellery choice for the corporate world. Whether it's a delicate string of pearls around the neck or a pair of pearl earrings, they add a touch of grace without being ostentatious.

  • Watches: Beyond their functional aspect, watches are revered as status symbols and style statements in professional settings. Opt for designs that are elegant, with classic dials and colours, to seamlessly pair with your business suits or dresses.

  • Diamond Studs: Understated yet luxurious, diamond studs can illuminate the face without drawing undue attention. They resonate with simplicity while echoing luxury.
Treading with Caution: Avoiding Overly Flashy Items

Overly ornate or large pieces can distract from the primary message you wish to convey in professional settings. Instead, focus on items that amplify your elegance without overshadowing your competence.

Evening or Party Outfits: Revelling in Glamour and Opulence

When the sun sets and the city's lights start to shimmer, your event jewellery should mirror that sparkle. Evening and party outfits are the perfect canvases for bolder and more extravagant jewellery choices.

Making a Statement

Earrings and Necklaces

Statement Earrings: These are perfect for adding drama to your look. Whether you choose long, dangling designs or large hoops, they become the focal point and can instantly elevate a simple evening gown or cocktail dress.

Necklaces: A statement necklace can transform a neckline, especially with strapless or off-shoulder outfits. Opt for pieces with intricate designs, perhaps with layered strands, to add a touch of glamour.

A Splash of colour

Gemstone Galore

Diverse Palette: Gemstones offer a myriad of colours, from the deep blues of sapphires to the rich reds of rubies. Incorporating these stones into your jewellery can either complement the colour of your outfit or provide a contrasting pop that stands out.

The Lure of Luminance: Beyond colour, gemstones like opals or moonstones add a unique luminance. Their play of light can be a conversation starter and ensure you shine brilliantly through the night.

Remember, evening events provide an opportunity to express your bold style and experiment with pieces you might reserve for special occasions. It's your time to shine, so let your jewellery reflect that resplendent aura.

Jewellery and Personal Style: Reflecting Your Inner Essence

The pieces of jewellery you choose are more than mere accessories. They are reflections of your personality, telling the world a little about who you are without you having to speak a word. It's an intimate dance between self-expression and the allure of the jewels.

Knowing Your Personal Style:

Discovering the Inner You: Your personal style isn't just about what's trending or what looks good. It's an amalgamation of your experiences, preferences, and the story you want to convey. It's intrinsic, and often a journey to discover.

  • Bohemian: Characterised by a free spirit and unconventional vibes. Think layered necklaces, nature-inspired pieces, or ethnic-inspired ornaments.
  • Classic: Timeless elegance reigns supreme here. Pearls, diamond studs, and simple gold or silver pieces are staples.
  • Edgy: A style that dares to be different. It's bold, often playing with asymmetry, unconventional materials, or statement pieces.
  • Minimalist: Less is more. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and a pared-down aesthetic define this style.
Investment vs. Trendy Pieces:
  • The Pillars of Timeless Elegance: Every jewellery collection should have some timeless pieces. These are the ones that transcend fleeting trends, offering versatility and longevity. They're the pieces you can wear now and then pass down through generations—like a family heirloom or a classic watch.
  • The Joy of Trendy Jewels: Fashion is ever-evolving, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to indulge in the latest jewellery trend. These pieces add a fresh twist to your collection and are perfect for those moments when you want to experiment or revamp your look. However, while indulging, it's essential to strike a balance. Ask yourself if the piece resonates with your style and if you'll cherish it even after the trend fades.
Budgeting Wisely:

While timeless pieces often come with a higher price tag due to their lasting value, it's wise to allocate a budget for trendy items. This ensures you enjoy the best of both worlds without any regrets.

In the vast world of jewellery, understanding and embracing your personal style is empowering. It's not just about adornment but about wearing and choosing jewellery pieces that resonate with your essence. Whether you lean towards classic or contemporary, always remember that the best pieces are the ones that make you feel truly 'you'.

Matching jewellery to outfits is an art form that intertwines personal expression with fashion sensibilities. As we've navigated in this jewellery style guide, the nuances of pairing and balance, the underlying message remains clear: your choice in adornment holds the power to elevate an outfit, tell a story, and reflect your identity. While classics like NAJO's sterling silver offerings provide a foundation of timeless elegance, the world of jewellery is vast and diverse, inviting exploration. So, to all our readers, we encourage you to experiment, play with contrasts, and most importantly, find that unique style that resonates with your soul. Let brands like NAJO inspire you, but always remember: your style journey is deeply personal, and the most captivating stories are the ones you craft yourself. Dive into the world of adornment with an open heart, and let your unique style shine.

So, to all our readers, we encourage you to experiment, play with contrasts, and most importantly, find that unique style that resonates with your soul. Let brands like NAJO inspire you, but always remember: your style journey is deeply personal, and the most captivating stories are the ones you craft yourself. Dive into the world of adornment with an open heart, and let your unique style shine.


How do you wear jewellery to compliment your look?

Choosing the right jewellery can elevate your entire look, accentuating both your attire and natural beauty. Begin by determining the focal point of your jewellery ensemble, allowing other pieces to complement rather than compete. Match your jewellery's vibe to your outfit, with delicate pieces enhancing formal wear and bold items bringing life to casual attire. Necklines play a pivotal role; for instance, V-necks pair well with pendants, while crewnecks benefit from longer chains or statement earrings. While mixing metals is increasingly trendy, a harmonious metallic palette, like all-gold or all-silver, often creates a cohesive aesthetic.

It's also crucial to consider the occasion and your face shape when selecting pieces; minimalist jewellery suits professional settings, whereas bolder pieces shine in social scenarios. Earrings, especially, should complement the contours of your face. Lastly, remember the timeless advice: less is often more. Sometimes, a single, standout piece can speak volumes, making you feel both confident and effortlessly chic.


Jo Tory

Born in Australia, Jo Tory is proud to be one of the country’s pioneering female jewellery founders. She has been our Creative Director since NAJO’s formation, steering the company to be one of Australia’s most successful fine jewellery brands today. Jo also sits on the Jewellers Association of Australia’s Board of Directors, where she actively promotes the highest standards and ethics within the Australian jewellery industry.