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Kiss Stud Earring
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Highfield Cuff
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Tigger Necklace
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Oh Honey Bangle
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Tigger Earring
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Friendship is a cherished bond that can last a lifetime, and what better way to celebrate this connection than with friendship jewellery? From simple yet meaningful bracelets and rings to intricate necklaces and rose gold earrings, NAJO’s friendship jewellery gives you tangible symbols to share with your friends and remind them how special they are.

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Friendship Jewellery Gifts

Exchanging friendship jewellery is a sincere gesture that shows appreciation for the special people in our lives. Whether it's a thank-you bangle for the many laughs and shared adventures or a symbol of support during challenging times, friendship jewellery carries immense value.

For some friends, a simple matching bracelet may symbolise the unity of their friendship. Others may choose pendants or gold rings inscribed with quotes or initials, signifying the enduring nature of their relationship. Regardless of the design, friendship jewellery is a constant reminder of the support and affection shared between friends.

Friendship Jewellery Australia

We offer diverse designs in our unique friendship jewellery collection for you to find the perfect expression of your unique bond. Some of NAJO's popular pieces include:

  • Friendship Bracelets — These sterling silver bracelets are a timeless symbol of friendship exchanged between friends as a token of their bond. We have several designs, including our Oh Honey Bangle, the Pool of Tears Bracelet, and the 8mm Silver Golf Bangle.
  • Necklaces — Our friendship necklaces feature pearls, onyx, and our special Idyll Pearl set with matching earrings.
  • Earrings — We have a collection of friendship earrings, including pearl, onyx, and kiss stud earrings.

Whether it's a simple bracelet or a matching set of necklaces, friendship jewellery commemorates the loyalty and love of a special bond. We offer you a fine selection of premium jewellery to celebrate your friends and create lasting memories.

Contact us today and select a gift from our exclusive friendship jewellery collection for your friend.


What type of women’s friendship jewellery does NAJO offer?

NAJO offers a versatile collection of women’s silver friendship jewellery featuring bracelets crafted from sterling silver. We also have friendship necklaces with exquisite pearls, onyx, and our unique Halcyon set, complemented by matching earrings.

Why should I choose friendship jewellery from NAJO?

Each piece in our matching friendship jewellery collection is made by skilled artisans using premium silver, gold, and rose gold. Beyond their high quality, NAJO's friendship jewellery offers tangible symbols of appreciation and affection for the special people in our lives.


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